Predictive Analytics: Building the Power of Predictive Analytics in K-12 School Districts

May 23, 2017

Big data is getting bigger, and the field of predictive analytics is growing rapidly along with it; driving improvements in public and private organizations worldwide. The use of predictive analytics is growing in K-12 school districts, too, but slowly. Predictive analytics is rapidly transforming industries worldwide, but the U.S. K-12 industry is playing catch-up.

Download the white paper, Predictive Analytics, to get insight into:

  • What predictive analytics actually is – and isn’t
  • How school districts can get on the path to asking the right questions, measuring the right things, and obtaining better outcomes for educators and students
  • The current state of predictive analytics
  • Building a culture that supports predictive analytics
  • How to start a predictive analytics program

predictive analytics

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