The Power of Makerspaces and Design Thinking for K-12

In K-12 schools, makerspaces and their underlying paradigm, design thinking, are neither fad nor revolution. They’re a continuation. They are what industrial education was in the 1800s, what shop class was in the mid-1900s, and what tech ed, home ec, science labs, art studios, and library services are evolving into in this century.

Although makerspaces and design thinking are grounded in STEM fields, schools have used them effectively for virtually every subject, with students at every level of ability.

makerspacesThis ebook is a basic introduction to the ideas behind makerspaces, and how they can be used as part of your curriculum and/or as an extracurricular activity. We interview Jackie Gerstein, a maker and tech ed teacher who has been gradually building a makerspace in one of the nation’s best high schools; and you’ll find links to resources that will help you learn more about the maker movement and how it can help K-12 schools fulfill their missions.

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