Your Learning Management System as a Digital Ecosystem


What is a digital ecosystem and how does it relate to a learning management system?

Educators are hired into an ecosystem that is an intricate network of living (students, teachers, school leaders, and parents) and non-living (digital systems, curricula, resources, and facilities) organisms. The purpose of a learning management system is to use digital tools to make stronger and more meaningful connections within the teaching and learning ecosystem.

Download the infographic to learn how teachers, administrators, students, and parents can interact with each other using a learning management system, resulting in a more engaging and personalized education experience.

This infographic shares:

  • How teachers use an LMS to learn and manage their classroom
  • How students use an LMS to learn and manage their learning
  • How parents use an LMS to learn
  • How districts and school leaders use an LMS to learn and manage initiatives and resources

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