The K-12 Administrator’s Guide to Professional Development

June 06, 2017

The idea that educators and their students benefit from on-going professional development can be traced back several decades. Today, it is widely known and accepted that providing teachers with the opportunity to learn new educational skills or techniques can and does improve student learning. The method with which that professional development occurs, however, may be shifting. The traditional, formal “top-down” style of learning, which has educators sitting together in a room to learn from an expert, is starting to be combined with a new and effective participant-driven model. Because of this, it was important to round up articles and opinions from some of the top educators and influencers in the market to get their take on the shift.

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  • Traditional and Forward-Thinking Models of PD
  • The Shift through Professionals’ Eyes
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Professional Development Season
  • A District Leader’s Guide to Coaching Teachers
  • Professional Development Conferences


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