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Right now is the best time to start eliminating technology silos and empowering teachers with the Unified Classroom, winner of two 2017 CODiE awards for Best Classroom Management Solution and Best Learning Relationship Management Solution. This industry-first solution combines PowerSchool’s student information system, assessment, learning, and gradebook solutions into a single, comprehensive software solution. The Unified Classroom gives teachers the effective tools, including critical benchmark assessments, they need to see how their instruction is impacting education and provides the only solution that puts student outcomes back at the center of the classroom.

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"Having one platform that seamlessly integrates the SIS, LMS, and assessment solutions will give us greater insight into student data to better drive curriculum decisions."

Data Manager, Regional School Unit 10, ME
New dashboard

New unified user experience designed by educators to optimize their time

Navigate through an easy-to-use and simplified user interface that provides a unified calendar, notifications, events, notes, centralized actions, search, and reporting, allowing more time for personalized learning and collaboration.

New 360-degree view of a student to enable effective data-driven instruction

Track all aspects of a student’s behavior, attendance, assignments, digital content usage, grades, discussions, wikiprojects, eportfolio, and progress throughout their entire educational career—from attendance, to academic performance and standard learning mastery—now in real time, with a single classroom solution.

New Assessment features

New unified learning and assessment platform for personalized instruction

Empower teachers and administrators to implement best practice instructional strategies with over 60 item types. These include accessibility, robust item banks, a learning management system with blended learning content from curriculum providers and open education resources, all allowing you to continually adjust instruction to enhance each student’s educational experience.

Student detail analysis

New early warning and student progress analytics to ensure student success for all 

Gain real-time visibility into student performance to identify where they may be struggling based on attendance, student engagement, grades and standard progress to enable proactive positive behavior enforcement, intervention, and individual learning paths.

Parent-Student portal

New student and parent portal with activity feed to drive increased engagement

Connect the home to the classroom—now teachers, parents, and students can all communicate, collaborate, and access the same information and activites in real time to help optimize student learning

Single Sign On

New platform support to securely integrate with other classroom tools

Increase security with new embedded identity management system to help teachers securely integrate centralized account management and multi-factor authentication with other systems used in conjunction with the Unified Classroom.

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