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Information about PowerSchool Solutions

At most school and districts, teachers use the following PowerSchool solutions:

Typically, we don’t license solutions to individual teachers. If you would like more information about PowerSchool solutions for your school or district, contact us.


Training is available for PowerSchool products!

We have a variety of training options available to help you gain proficiency and mastery in our solutions. These include:

  • Keys to Ownership – build a custom training package to meet your needs
  • PowerSchool University
  • Distance Learning – longer training sessions to watch at your convenience
  • Mastery in Minutes – short how-to training videos to watch at your convenience
  • Forums and articles for our SIS, PowerTeacher, and PowerTeacher Pro in PowerSource
  • PowerSchool Assessment and Analytics Help Center
  • PowerSchool Learning Knowledgebase and Video tutorials

Explore today or speak to your school/district administrator about training options.

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PowerTeacher vs PowerTeacher Pro

PowerTeacher is our original gradebook, and PowerTeacher Pro is our latest gradebook and classroom management tool. We built PowerTeacher Pro using input and testing from real teachers to improve PowerTeacher. PowerTeacher Pro features enhanced data visualization, grade calculations, unified grade scales between standards and traditional grades, and an easier workflow for common tasks such as creating assignments or working with data across multiple sections. PowerTeacher Pro is written in HTML5 and works on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Chromebooks.

If your school uses the PowerSchool SIS, you can use either PowerTeacher or PowerTeacher Pro, unless your entire district has moved to PowerTeacher Pro. You can move to PowerTeacher Pro during the school year, however you must migrate data correctly. If you have questions or need help, speak to your system administrator or IT department.


The PowerTeacher Portal

What is the PowerTeacher Portal?
The PowerTeacher portal is an online portal accessible anywhere on the web where teachers can manage classroom-related activities such as grades, assignments, report cards, seating charts, attendance, and more.

How do I log in to PowerTeacher/PowerTeacher Pro?
Each school or district has a unique link for teachers to access their portals.  Visit your school or district’s website, or speak with your school administrators to find how what link you need. Links are specific to each school or district, and PowerSchool as a company does not publish a list of all the web addresses for all of our clients.

How does PowerTeacher Pro work with the Parent and Student Portals?
PowerTeacher Pro syncs directly with the Parent and Student portals. Updates made to items such as grades, assignments, or announcements are updated automatically and immediately in the Parent and Student portals.

How does PowerTeacher work with the PowerSchool Mobile App for parents and students?
PowerTeacher Pro syncs directly with the PowerSchool Mobile App for both parents and students. The App is a mobile-friendly way of accessing the Parent and Student portals. No matter whether parents or students use the App or the portal, they will see the same information. Updates made to items such as grades, assignments, or announcements are updated automatically and immediately in the Mobile app.

In the classroom

PowerSchool Learning (LMS) and PowerSchool Assessment

PowerSchool Learning
With PowerSchool Learning, create your own class page, create assignments, pull from the web, hold class discussions online, implement project-based learning, and more.

How do I use PowerSchool Learning?
For tutorials, articles, how-to videos, visit our knowledgebase and resource center.

PowerSchool Assessment
With PowerSchool Assessment, use formative assessments to track student progress and adjust instruction based on real-time performance data. Pinpoint and target weaknesses to drive student growth.

How do I use PowerSchool Assessment?
For help creating, administering, and analyzing assessments, visit our help center for articles, topics, and videos.


Help and Support

If you have trouble logging in to PowerTeacher, please contact your school or district, notably the IT department or your system administrator.

How do I use PowerTeacher Pro?
If you are new to PowerTeacher Pro, we recommend learning how the solution works. Check out our training courses. Additionally, browse our knowledgebase and articles in our PowerSource resource community (if you do not have access to PowerSource, your system administrator can grant you access – we, PowerSchool, cannot grant access).

PowerSchool Assessment & PowerTest
For help with PowerSchool Assessment, visit our Support Page.
For Live Assist help with PowerSchool Assessment and PowerTest, visit our help site.

PowerSchool Learning
Check out our resource and help center for PowerSchool Learning (formerly Haiku Learning).

Implementing Quality Grading Practices

Hear from The Grade Doctor Ken O’Connor in his two-part blog post on quality grading practices: what they are and how to implement them.

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Browse through PowerSchool’s resources to find inspirational and effective content. Stay on top of what’s going on in education, and find resources to help you in the classroom, from information on assessments, to driving student growth, to interventions, and more.

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