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Article Aug, 2017

5 Reasons Why Teachers Love PowerSchool SIS

We asked teachers why they love about PowerSchool SIS and they responded: it improves instruction, efficiency, and parent engagement, saves time, offers flexibility in grading styles, drives student growth, and provides a customizable experience to best fit their needs.

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Technology in Special Education
August, 2017

Six Ways Technology Can Improve Special Education Outcomes

Every day, technology continues to improve the way educators manage student data, provide instruction, and streamline workflows throughout departments. Technology revolutionizes classrooms and learning styles, enables communication and collaboration, and improves efficiencies that lead to more valuable time spent with students. Since 2011, the number of U.S. special education students has grown steadily. Currently, 5.83 […]

school budgeting
August, 2017

Five Keys to Smarter School Budgeting

School systems should use powerful information systems to develop data-driven budgets that directly connect spending with educational goals, and yet examples of this school budgeting practice are rare, says the Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy.

Making of the Unified Classroom
July, 2017

From Geek to Fatherhood: Why Education and the Unified Classroom Are So Important to Me

by Hardeep Gulati, Chief Executive Officer, PowerSchool At this year’s ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, PowerSchool was proud to launch major updates to the Unified Classroom, a revolutionary education technology solution that epitomizes what this company has been built upon for the past 20 years: empowering teachers, driving student growth, and improving K-12 education. Growing up, […]

dillingham city school district
July, 2017

Dillingham City School District realizes significant ROI with PowerSchool Special Education

For Dillingham City School District, real, quantifiable ROI was easy — and quick — to determine once implementing PowerSchool Special Education.

Upcoming Webinar
August 30, 2017

Learn how Berwyn South School District manages student data with ease!

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special education
July, 2017

Reasons Why Special Education Enrollment is Increasing

The enrollment of special education students continued to grow in 2015-16, marking the fourth year in a row that the number has increased for students age 6-21. Find out the reasons behind this increase.

IT Security
July, 2017

Bringing IT Security to the Forefront in K-12 Districts

It’s time to bring IT security to the forefront in K-12 districts. Currently, it’s like locking the doors to your home, but leaving the windows open.

streamlining payroll
July, 2017

Streamlining School District Payroll

Handwritten time sheets, paper request forms for time-off approval, and manual calculations for tax deductions are not only time-consuming; they create many more issues, Here are some tips to streamline payroll processes.

security tips
July, 2017

Security Tips That Will Protect Student Data Today

The responsible, safe collection and management of student data has become essential to student success, transforming the way we guide and personalize learning.

July, 2017

ESSA: Navigating a Least Restrictive Policy Environment

At the heart of ESSA is the passing of the responsibility for education quality, equity, accessibility from the federal department of education to the state departments of education.

Monticello Central School District
July, 2017

The Formula to Inspire Change

Monticello Central School District turned an acronym THINK into a formula for achieving its goals of improving student growth and increasing graduation rates.

school board relationships
July, 2017

Taking a Business Approach to School Board Relationships

In “Managing the Nonprofit Organization,” Peter Drucker devotes a chapter to the relationship between senior management and the board of directors. He trades thoughts with Dr. David Allan Hubbard, who for 30 years was president of Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. Drucker’s conversation with Hubbard, while related to nonprofit organization boards, has many key […]

k-12 erp system
June, 2017

Should You Choose a K-12-Designed ERP System?

ERP systems are used in many industries. Your district can choose a solution built specifically for K-12 school districts, or purchase a general ERP platform and configure it for your specific needs. What is the best decision?

June, 2017

The Difference between Standard Tech Classes and Makerspace Teaching

In a makerspace environment, students start with a specific unmet need and figure out what they need to make to meet the need. Learn more about how a K-12 school district can get started harnessing the power of makerspaces and design thinking.

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