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Article Aug, 2017

6 Tips for Schools to Get the Best Technology Return on Investment

Personalized learning classrooms are entirely different from traditional classrooms. Learn what your peers are doing to make personalized learning possible.

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IT Security
July, 2017

Bringing IT Security to the Forefront in K-12 Districts

It’s time to bring IT security to the forefront in K-12 districts. Currently, it’s like locking the doors to your home, but leaving the windows open.

security tips
July, 2017

Security Tips That Will Protect Student Data Today

The responsible, safe collection and management of student data has become essential to student success, transforming the way we guide and personalize learning.

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August 29, 2017

Unifying District Operations with SIS + Finance/HR/ERP

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February, 2017

Organizing Security Protocols

If there is one thing that I can say about network and data security as it relates to school districts is that it is complicated. There are a lot of software products, hardware appliances, activities, and personnel involved. I have found that IT security personnel have always struggled with the process of organizing and documenting the security protocols that they carry out.

North Olmsted City School District gains efficiency
December, 2016

How North Olmsted City School District Cleaned Up Student Data

North Olmsted City School District moved to online registration and significantly improved data collection efficiency as well as data accuracy, which is key to removing negative knock-on effects of bad data.

5 Ways the Role of a School District CTO Is Changing
October, 2016

5 Ways the Role of a School District CTO Is Changing

Chief technology officers of school districts operating in every region of the US are now expected to be IT experts instead of “boxes and wires” repair people. With many educational tools moving to the cloud, school districts don’t have the technical support they used to have before Internet 2.0. Instead, they’re relying on their school district CTO to ensure educational and administrative hardware and software functions smoothly.

August, 2016

Hosted or Self-Hosted Part 2: Key Considerations When Choosing a Hosted Solution

Once you have determined that the best choice for your district is a hosted solution, the next step is to evaluate the criteria to finding the right hosting solution to fit your needs.  There are a number of options available, but you’ll need to pay close attention to the following factors to be sure that […]

August, 2016

Hosted or Self-Hosted: Making the right choice for your district: Part 1

How to make the best choice for your district — it can be confusing to sort through all of the factors to consider, but making the best decision can save your district significant budget dollars in hardware, maintenance activity, downtime, and security attacks. So how do you evaluate the options, and which is best for your […]

Concerned About data privacy
April, 2016

Are You Concerned About Data Privacy? A New Initiative Can Help

If you’re worried about the data privacy and information security practices of the technologies used in your schools, a new initiative from Common Sense Media can help you evaluate these practices. Even districts that don’t take part themselves can benefit from the program.

shift in thinking
March, 2016

New State Laws Reveal a Shift in Thinking on Student Data Privacy

While U.S. states continue to focus on how best to ensure the privacy of student information in the digital age, a new analysis by the Data Quality Campaign (DQC) suggests the focus of this conversation is shifting in ways that have important implications for K-12 schools.

Protecting Student Privacy in a Digital Age
February, 2016

Protecting Student Privacy in a Digital Age

Protecting student privacy is of growing importance in a digital age, and district administrators and school board members have a responsibility to evaluate the district’s methods for storing and sharing student data.

December, 2014

Six-Step Checklist for Database Backup and Recovery

If you are a database administrator, one of your key responsibilities is to prepare for the possibility of hardware failure and for the recovery of databases following a disaster. Are you ready?

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