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Case Study Jul, 2017

PowerTeacher Pro Saves Time and Improves Instruction at New London Community School District

With PowerTeacher Pro, students at New London Community School District are receiving an improved K-12 education experience while teachers are empowered with innovative educational technology tools to enhance their standards-based grading efforts.

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September, 2016

Registration & Admissions – American School Foundation of Mexico City

The American School Foundation A. C. (ASF), a large international school in the heart of Mexico City, strategically transformed its admissions office and family application experience by moving to an online application system provided by [PowerSchool Registration].

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August 30, 2017

Learn how Berwyn South School District manages student data with ease!

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November, 2016

Registration & Payment Collection – San Marino USD

San Marino USD launched online registration and attained a 96% participation rate in the first year in addition to 100% increase in donations.

November, 2016

Inquiries, Applications, Enrollment – La Jolla Country Day School

With [PowerSchool Registration], we’re able to see if a family has received their packet, opened it, and started it. Alerts are also triggered to our staff if families need extra help….”

Horry County School District
November, 2016

Registration – Horry County School District

“Since [PowerSchool Registration] was implemented, we’ve estimated that it saves us an average of $14,000 a year in postage alone,” says Johnson.

November, 2016

Charter School Lottery – Uplift Education

“We have gone from knowing very little about our enrollment situation to knowing everything, instantaneously,” Ness said. “This allows us to pinpoint, at a particular school, program, and/or grade level, where we need to target our resources and our teachers, for improved resource planning for the upcoming year.”

November, 2016

Registration & Lottery – Savannah-Chatham County PS

Riley said that at the time of the lottery selection, “parents and families were motivated and excited about the results. They felt well-informed…. they believed the new [PowerSchool Registration] online lottery system was transparent, accurate and fair. And when you’re speaking with parents about the education of their three- and four-year-olds, you like to hear that!”

San Lorenzo Valley USD
November, 2016

SIS & Reg – San Lorenzo Valley USD

“Our district was the very first California public school district to contract with the PowerSchool Student Information System, and we have never looked back,” says Gail Heagerty, Student Information System and Database Specialist at San Lorenzo Valley USD. “PowerSchool is the best student information system out there.”

November, 2016

Unified Classroom – Massapequa School District

Massapequa School District Unified the Classroom for Improved Teaching Prior to 2009, Massapequa Public Schools (NY), like most districts, lacked a learning management system that could provide a one-stop shop for collaboration throughout its eight K-12 schools. The district had disparate technology tools that didn’t communicate efficiently. For Massapequa to better fulfill its mission “to […]

Antelope Valley USD drives student growth, parent engagement, & reporting with PowerSchool Student Information System
November, 2016

SIS & Reg – Antelope Valley Unified School District

With single sign-on and one central, easy-to-use student information system serving as its home for data storage and management, Antelope Valley UHSD is providing an ideal environment for students to learn and develop skills with advanced tools, helping set them up for success in a technological, information-based society.

September, 2016

Registration – Clarke County

“Parents love it, the secretaries love it, and administration loves it…We really love that we don’t have to re-key information, decipher someone’s handwriting, or accidentally transpose a number or email.”

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