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Case Study Jul, 2017

PowerTeacher Pro Saves Time and Improves Instruction at New London Community School District

With PowerTeacher Pro, students at New London Community School District are receiving an improved K-12 education experience while teachers are empowered with innovative educational technology tools to enhance their standards-based grading efforts.

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March, 2017

Valley Christian Jr. High Improves Parent Engagement, Student Accountability

“PowerSchool really helps keep parents calm. They know what’s happening on a regular schedule and they are no longer dependent on the word of their child,” says Arnett, Jr. High Principal at Valley Christian Schools.

Washington Local Schools SIS
September, 2016

SIS – Washington Local Schools in Ohio

Ohio’s Washington Local Schools needed a new user-friendly, web-based SIS to address a long list of challenges. PowerSchool met those challenges, and gave the district more control over student data, updated state reporting, and improved parent engagement and student growth.

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August 30, 2017

Learn how Berwyn South School District manages student data with ease!

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San Lorenzo Valley USD
November, 2016

SIS & Reg – San Lorenzo Valley USD

“Our district was the very first California public school district to contract with the PowerSchool Student Information System, and we have never looked back,” says Gail Heagerty, Student Information System and Database Specialist at San Lorenzo Valley USD. “PowerSchool is the best student information system out there.”

Antelope Valley USD drives student growth, parent engagement, & reporting with PowerSchool Student Information System
November, 2016

SIS & Reg – Antelope Valley Unified School District

With single sign-on and one central, easy-to-use student information system serving as its home for data storage and management, Antelope Valley UHSD is providing an ideal environment for students to learn and develop skills with advanced tools, helping set them up for success in a technological, information-based society.

September, 2016

Registration & Enrollment – Responsive Education Solutions, TX

“We saw an increase in first day attendance of 24% over the previous year for our Texas College Preparatory Academies who use [PowerSchool Registration]. It shows our post-lottery recruitment communication with families over the summer was effective.”
–Phil Skirvin, Project Manager, Responsive Education Solutions

Dumont Public School District Improves School Scheduling and Integrations
September, 2016

SIS – Dumont Public School District in New Jersey

Once New Jersey’s Dumont Public School District partnered with PowerSchool, new doors of technological advancement were opened to bring the district into the streamlined, digital age. 

Marion City School District Improves State Reporting & Parent Involvement
September, 2016

SIS – Marion City School District in Ohio

Ohio’s Marion City Schools is enjoying successful state reporting, seamless integration with third party software, and improved parent engagement with the help of the PowerSchool SIS.

Fullerton USD drives parent engagement with PowerSchool App
September, 2016

SIS & Mobile – Fullerton USD in California

PowerSchool is helping California’s Fullerton School District — a national leader in technology and innovation — maintain transparency with its community, parents, students and staff by making data available in an easy-to-use format. PowerSchool also offers Fullerton superior performance with state reporting, integration, and responsiveness to the district’s needs.

Hatboro-Horsham School District
September, 2016

SIS – Hatboro-Horsham School District in Pennsylvania

When Pennsylvania’s Hatboro-Horsham School District switched to PowerSchool Student Information System (SIS), it received more than its initial goals of real-time student data and a parent portal for improved communication with families. The district has been thrilled to partner with a comprehensive solution that has transformed its entire system of business practices.

Ramona, PowerSchool Mobile App
September, 2016

SIS – Ramona USD in California

California’s Ramona Unified School District is using PowerSchool to drive student growth through increased accountability and engagement, and powering school operations by saving time and making the job more efficient.

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