The Unified Classroom

The only solution delivering a complete education technology solution in one seamless application.

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PowerSchool Unified Classroom dashboard

Enjoy a seamless, connected, Unified Classroom experience

Empower teachers to manage the entire instructional process more efficiently with a comprehensive software solution that eliminates traditional technology silos (grade book, LMS, assessment, analytics, behavior and special education).

Save time and enjoy convenience

Streamlined efficiency gives back more time for delivering instruction tailored to the needs of each student. Single sign-on, fluid movement among software solutions, and advanced, convenient tools deliver one seamless application.

Improve instruction

Give teachers real-time insights into each student's performance, learning gaps, and strengths in real time, allowing them to use technology to deliver instruction tailored to the needs of each individual student.

Nurture a culture of data-informed decisions

Drill down on student performance data and longitudinal student data to make informed instructional and curriculum decisions. In just a few clicks, teachers can assign students to responsive instruction and differentiated instruction.

Revolutionize the classroom

Educators use multiple software products for a variety of K-12 teaching and learning activities. Are technology silos costing your school or district when teachers constantly switch between separate products, waste time learning different products, lose or forget multiple logins, and tackle non-teaching administrative tasks? The following scenarios describe teacher tasks when using disparate software systems that may be hindering success:

  • Log into one software product for attendance and grade book, and another to communicate with parents.
  • Build and maintain separate class web pages for posting useful, engaging, and professional content.
  • Create assessments to gauge student learning that require signing into a separate program.
  • Interrupt workflow to log into another system to record behavior incidents.
  • Struggle with understanding and using analytics tools.

Adding an innovative learning management system to uniquely form a unified solution of education technology products into a single platform proves PowerSchool's dedication to powering school operations, empowering teachers, and driving student growth. We are proud to partner with an innovative organization focused on improving instruction and learning in the classroom.

Jay McPhail
Assistant Superintendent of Innovation & Instructional Support, Fullerton School District, CA
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Easily assess performance and adjust instruction

Drill down on student performance data and longitudinal student data to understand student and class weaknesses, then explore why students might be struggling. Based on data analysis, adjust instruction to help drive student growth.

Since our system makes data easy to understand, teachers and administrators can have confidence in making instruction and curriculum decisions. In just a few clicks, teachers can easily implement responsive instruction and differentiated instruction, as well as interventions if necessary.

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Simplify classroom management

The Unified Classroom combines attendance, schedules, assessments, assignments and class content, student and class data analysis, blended and digital learning, internal communication, parent and student mobile apps, and general classroom management, such as seating assignments.

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Experience the convenience of one, simplified dashboard

Generate powerful data in one solution and immediately use in another solution, all within a single user experience. A teacher can create, assign, proctor, and view assessment results immediately. Scores from this assessment can be automatically posted to the PowerTeacher Pro gradebook and the SIS. Also, parents can instantly access the grades via their mobile devices.

  • K-12 education technology becomes more efficient and easier to use, and the teaching-learning cycle shortens considerably.
  • Teachers can respond immediately to provide corrective or advanced instruction to students based on their demonstrated needs.
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Build student & parent engagement

Students get real-time access to their grades, course content, and assignments at their fingertips. Empower them to understand their learning and performance, build engagement, and help them to take ownership of their learning.

Parents have comprehensive access to their children’s education, including content and assignments, grades, discipline, and attendance. Parents can stay engaged with how their students are doing at school, helping to build relationships with teachers, and helping them understand what qualifies as skill mastery. Give them real-time insights into performance to empower them to better support and help their child(ren).

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