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K-12 superintendents oversee a district’s entire operations — from the back office to the classroom to the home. We understand it’s a big job with endless responsibilities and a lot on your shoulders. PowerSchool is your all-in-one edtech partner, here to help.


Every student deserves the best opportunities in life

And every educator needs technology that helps students succeed. At PowerSchool, we design technology that unifies, simplifies and secures your education ecosystem. We give your team—and your students—a complete set of tools to unlock their potential.

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Improving Student Success for a Brighter Future

At the end of the school day, every superintendent’s goal is to help all kids succeed. That success includes nurturing an environment of empowered and engaged teachers whose excitement drives students to perform their best. Data dashboards provide your educators with a 360-degree view of how students are progressing at a class, school, and district level — making it easier for staff to make informed decisions that’ll move the needle forward. Plus, improve parent engagement with easy-to-use tools including SIS and online registration products.

Your all-In-one edtech partner

Reduce Costs, Maximize Resources & Simplify District Operations

When it comes to district budgets, it is important to maximize all your resources. Ease your worries by simplifying budgeting and inventory, hiring and retaining your best talent, and managing payroll with less time and costs. Gain confidence and security by bringing together finance, human resources, operations, and payroll into a single administrative solution to reduce costs and give you more options to funnel resources into better student outcomes.

Boost Teacher Engagement & Fulfillment

A thriving teacher force is key to powering your district’s success. PowerSchool helps streamline operations, expanding classroom capabilities, supporting teacher growth and retention, and ensuring parents and students have the most up-to-date tools and information. Give your teachers the freedom to grow and expand their abilities with modern technology tools. With the award-winning PowerSchool Unified Classroom™, your teachers can access assessment, grading, learning, and other instructional tools combined into a single solution in one convenient location.

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Unified Classroom™

Eliminate technology silos and empower teachers to manage the entire instructional process more efficiently.

Student Information System

Power your school operations with innovative, easy-to-use technology that plays a central role in K-12 education.


Save time and money with a best-in-class product to manage admissions, enrollment, choice, and registration.


Easily run the administrative processes that contribute to your school’s or district’s financial and strategic success.

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