Trillium SIS

A student information system designed for school boards in Ontario.

Access when you need it

Provide direct, real-time access to enterprise-wide student information at the board level, for all students, in all schools. Through Single Sign-On and real-time data transfer, Trillium Via connects your classroom and home communities to the Trillium Student Information System.

Built for teachers

Elementary and Secondary Achievement modules allows teachers to actively manage their grades and conveniently rolls up into the accepted Ontario Report Card formats.

Comprehensive student life-cycle

Provide a comprehensive step-by-step approach to the complete life-cycle of a students’ education from enrollment to graduation, including special and continuing (adult) education, with seamless integration among all panels.

Strong user base

Trillium’s strong base of over 40 school boards participates in its roadmap and direction. Collectively, Trillium users have a megaphone connection to the Ministry of Education.

TrilliumSIS is the gold standard for Ontario K-12 education.  Make sure you get maximum funding for your students whether it is through ESL, special accommodations or any combination of criteria, Trillium does it for you.

Trillium is the foundation platform for teaching and learning tools. Through Single Sign-On and real-time data transfer, Trillium Via connects your classroom and home communities to the Trillium Student Information System. Student data is accurate and reflects up to the minute changes in registration, demographic information, and student achievement. Collaborative tools support the connection between home and school.

Power your Trillium Data with modules that support your administration, teachers, parents, and learners. Via provides Single Sign On (SSO), a common user interface for all modules, and is designed to work on any device.  Reaching well beyond its original scope, Trillium now engages students, their parents and their teachers making it Ontario’s #1 choice. For adminsitrators, the Trillium SIS provides an easy to maintain, enterprise-wide, student information system.

Data Teachers Need in Real-Time

Trillium provides real-time data access, with single sign-on and 3rd Party software integration. Teachers have real-time access to data already stored in the Trillium Student Information System. Access data such as Special Education, Medical Peril, custody and more. Class Lists provide information in a practical and comprehensive way while Student Spotlight provides a quick overview of student demographics, school news, events and assignments, agenda, attendance and more. Historical achievement can be reviewed, providing insight into student learning trends, helping educators to make real-time decisions about instruction and assessments.

Boost engagement.

Improve parent and student engagement with anytime, anywhere access. Parents can access the Spotlight page for each child, and view agendas, attendance, historical achievement, and school/district events. Diploma Requirements gives insight to support academic planning for secondary students. The parent portal is accessible on any device, no apps required.

Comprehensive views of students & schools

Trillium is a hub for all information related to powering classrooms, schools, and operations. Trillium has its own gradebook solutions that also exchanges information with other vendor products including data such as teacher information, courses, marks, comments, and attendance. With the touch of a finger, teachers take attendance and record the information into Trillium. Allow students to interact with parents and guidance counselors in the selection of their courses. Discipline tracker makes incident tracking easy and includes fire, injury, accident, verbal abuse, violence or other illegal activities.  It automatically tracks Ministry incidents and consequences of suspensions and expulsions along with those defined by the board.

Take confidence in provincial reporting

As Ontario’s only native student information system, TrilliumSIS is 100% in sync with the Ministry, 100% of the time. If you’re looking for successful reporting of OnSIS, EQAO eligibility and OSSLT graduation tracking, Trillium does it quicker and with fewer resources than any other system available in Ontario. Calculation of OCAS and OUAC eligibility for post-secondary is available in the fall and you can even submit transcript information for past graduates. We work closely with the Ministry in order to provide boards and schools with easy tools to capture, format and validate the student data required.

Powering operations

Trillium covers all areas of running and operating schools: scheduling, enrolment, achievement, attendance, special education, discipline, course requests, online registration, and more. Further still, our system configures to meet your needs and keeps archived student information in case you need it. Set appropriate permissions and protect student data.

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