StudentsAchieve helps Canadian school districts to implement provincially compliant assessment applications.

Data driven decisions

Customized for provincial, state, third-party, or locally developed formative assessment use. Spend less time studying numbers, more time consuming data quickly and focusing on students' real learning needs.

Growing Success compliant

Implement consolidated and compliant assessments for Ontario's Growing Success requirements.

Drive parent engagement

Give parents access on any device to student performance data, helping to drive parent engagement and support in student learning outside the classroom.

Tailor to your requirements

StudentsAchieve can be tailored to meet regional requirements as well as your assessment philosophy.

Align outcomes, assessment, and curriculum.

StudentsAchieve is a formative assessment tool for the classroom that empowers teachers and educators to make data-driven decisions while driving student growth and parent engagement. Customize your solution to your region and assessment approach, helping to align outcomes with curriculum and instruction.

Shift alignment and curriculum focus based on data, focusing more on weaker subjects such as literacy. Enable teachers to include professional judgment and include learning or behavioral skills in assessment.

Empower teachers with an easy-to-use tool

Define learning goals and success criteria for each assignment; this helps communicate expectations to students and to parents. Attach lesson plans, assessment rubrics, or resources to an assignment. Capture and display evidence of student work with assessment results, then make information available to parents to build communication and understanding of mastery.

Analyze assessments to differentiate instruction

Empower teachers and administrators with data analysis tools and reports. Make data easy to consume so that teachers can identify weaknesses and trends then adjust instruction accordingly. Quickly examine achievement chart categories to gauge class performance. User-friendly tables make it easy to access data for additional analysis using data warehousing tools, custom reports, other third-party tools, and more.

Foster parent engagement

Give parents access and insight into ongoing student performance through the parent portal, which works on any device. Color-coded student assessment summaries make reviewing details fast and easy. In addition to presenting report card results, the portal provides comprehensive assessment information at the subject, category and expectation levels.

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