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Run standard reports, build custom reports, submit compliance reports, and maximize school efficiency and funding.


Choose from a library of reports

Our SIS comes with a library of pre-built reports most commonly used across schools and districts. State or provincial compliance reports are included based on your requirements.

Work with an expert compliance team

PowerSchool offers the industry’s largest and most complete state and province-specific compliance team which monitors new requirements and customer requests, and stays on top of reporting changes.

Design custom reports

Our custom report designer allows you to know what a report will look like on a page, such as report cards or transcripts. Create reports truly customized for your needs to bring the value out of your data.

Collaborate, communicate, and contribute

Share report templates with other PowerSchool users and browse their templates. Spend time with our specialized teams who meet with users and attend education department meetings to keep our Reporting product development teams up-to-date.

Visualize and understand your data to gain valuable insights

Exploit your data for gains in performance, operations, compliance, and student growth.

Every school unique, but every school or district needs to report on its data. Understanding your data helps to pinpoint areas of weakness, identify areas of strength, back up action plans with quantifiable proof, and track progress over time. Our robust reporting allows school to monitor operations and use insights to drive student growth and empower teachers to make a difference in education. Meanwhile administrators can take confidence in our state and province compliance reports, knowing they are backed by a team of compliance experts.

"PowerSchool is strong in adapting to state reporting regulations in a timely fashion. It’s highly beneficial and fortunate for us to be able to work directly with a member of the development team to allow a fluid stream of communication on enhancements, problems, testing the system, and general discussion. I always feel a step ahead of the game and it’s reassuring knowing PowerSchool is staying on track as changes come from the State."

Michael Gibbone
Data Analyst and Attendance Officer, Plainedge Public School District, NY
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Power your school operations with accurate, on-time compliance reporting

Partner with the SIS industry’s most robust, fully compliant product and the largest, most complete compliance reporting team. PowerSchool’s compliance team works hard to ensure districts, boards, and schools of all sizes meet state and provincial submission requirements.

Our goal is for you to receive your maximum funding with accurate, on-time reporting. PowerSchool’s specialized teams constantly monitor new requirements and customer requests, meet with local PowerSchool users, and attend education department meetings to better inform our development teams, leading to an improved SIS that ultimately allows you to better serve your students.

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Experience a simplified compliance reporting process for peace of mind

Our expert compliance team and robust SIS helps lessen the burden on school administrators by developing data quality management strategies and reviewing data quality, validity, inter-reliability, retention, retrieval and reporting methodologies.

We give you peace of mind by coordinating district submissions, troubleshooting and resolving submission error messages, developing and managing customized state submission training and support, and leading communication efforts with districts and boards with education departments.

PowerSchool is helping California’s Fullerton School District stay up to date with the constant state changes in reporting requirements.

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Customize reports to best fit your needs

Actionable data can be accessed via ad hoc and pre-built interactive reports from any data in the system with PowerSchool Enterprise Reporting.

Real-time data insights can be viewed in a variety of ways, including charts and graphs, to visualize and recognize significant trends on all areas of data, including grades, attendance, assessments, discipline, ethnicity, and demographics.


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