InformationNow SIS

Data management built on integrity, designed for ease of use, packaged in one powerful and innovative platform.

Intuitively designed

It takes two clicks to get anywhere within InformationNow. With data validation checkpoints, role-based security, census database, and multi-year data, information is right at your fingertips.

Built for your needs

A modern, sleek, mobile compatible interface saves teachers' time when tracking what matters most: attendance, discipline, and grades. Teachers also have a platform for managing, annotating, and grading assignments.

Connect and streamline

Validation at point of entry, error reports and approval process for automatic submissions streamlines state reporting, while query and ad-hoc tools and over 100 reports give districts endless options for accessing data.

Innovative solutions

With Chalkable Study Center, teachers and students have one login to a world of learning, including an app store, prescriptive learning engine and analytics for personalizing the learning experience.

A comprehensive student achievement platform

InformationNow combines the capabilities of an SIS, LMS, app store and prescriptive learning engine into one comprehensive student achievement platform. From the back office to the front door step, InformationNow connects the entire education community with real-time information, collaboration, and communication tools with access to a world of learning from any device.

Robust Features. Data Integrity.

Have confidence in your student information system. Intuitive design, role-based security, advanced scheduler, multi-year data, validation checkpoints, and more give you data you can trust.

With a superior user interface, InformationNow makes it easier to manage the entire flow of district information including grades, discipline management, student fees, state reporting, census data and more.

Teacher Gradebook And Classroom Tools

Not only does the Chalkable Classroom offer a robust gradebook and multiple grading options, but the solution also includes attendance by seating chart, actionable analytics, assignment and lesson plan management, and annotation and messaging tools. Everything a teacher needs on a daily basis to manage the classroom. Administrators can view enrollment, attendance, classroom discipline and grade averages by district and school, and review individual classes,  teachers, and lesson plans. All data remains in the SIS environment, eliminating data security risks.

Everyone is on the same page with chat capability between students and teachers, automatic notification to a student when activity is scored, and automatic notification to teacher when an assignment is annotated and saved or uploaded by a student.


Access To Data And State Reporting

Streamline state reporting and start using your data with easy access to more than 100 reports as well as ad-hoc reporting tools to make your own. Districts can utilize timely, valid, and relevant data to tailor instruction to help each student improve, effectively and efficiently manage schools, and evaluate which initiatives show the best evidence of increasing student achievement.

Access reports and dashboards for a quick look at aggregated district data, and streamline state reporting. Data helps districts quickly identify at-risk students, health information, statewide membership, and other replicated data.


Built For K-12 Teachers And Students

When K-12 teachers and students help design your products, it’s amazing how user-friendly they can be. The Chalkable Classroom boasts one-click access to every function and any section, front-and-center to-do lists for teachers and students, and grading and attendance functionality built with speed and mobility in mind.

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