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Standards-based and traditional grading

PowerTeacher Pro is optimized for both standards-based and traditional grading so you never have to struggle to align grading methods.

District-level configuration

Customize grading scales to meet your school or district needs. Enforce district grading policies and scales, and save teachers hours of data manipulation.

User-friendly and consistent interface

All information is right at teachers’ fingertips in an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Responsive design allows access from any device with an internet connection, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebooks.

Powerful visualization

Makes sense of lots of data instantly in a way that impacts teaching and learning. Immediately understand class and student progress through visuals designed to mirror a teacher’s typical workday.

Built for teachers
by teachers.

Empower teachers and drive student growth with a powerful, robust, and easy-to-use classroom management tool.

PowerTeacher Pro takes the “work” out of your day with a revolutionary 21st century gradebook, which seamlessly manages all tasks in the classroom including grading, attendance, assignments, and measuring student achievement. All student data is right at your fingertips to easily measure performance for the individual student, whole class or all classes. Instantly compare lesson plans with class progress to adjust instruction and assessment as necessary to drive student growth.

"I love PowerTeacher Pro! It shows me information I never had before and now it is literally at my fingertips on my tablet device. I am able to focus efficiently on exactly what each student needs for individual paced learning as well as address trends across all of my classes. PowerTeacher Pro is a delight to use. It will make such a difference for the students in my classroom and the district overall."

Elizabeth Kadle
Elementary School Teacher, Fieldbrook Elementary School District, Fieldbrook CA
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Make Reporting Faster for Teachers

Easily view all supporting grades that contribute to a final, standards-based grade for faster report card preparation.

Unique to PowerTeacher Pro, our professional judgment indicator helps teachers to understand which grades to focus on to determine if the final grade accurately reflects the student’s level of understanding.

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Designed for standards-based and traditional grading

PowerTeacher Pro is optimized for both standards-based and traditional grading, so you never have to struggle to align grading methods. It’s so good, Ken O’Connor, The Grade Doctor, endorsed it as “The new gold standard in standards-based grading.”

Easy access. Quick-fill tricks. User friendly.

Teachers have mobile access to the HTML 5 Gradebook with full functionality, including touchscreen, on any device. The same great user experience and full functionality is maintained from any computer or tablet.

Built to save time, enter scores vertically and horizontally using our quick-fill scoresheet. PowerTeacher Pro is designed for K-12 teachers to minimize time on administrative activities through technology and intuitive navigation.

Teachers at Pennsylvania’s Hatboro-Horsham School District are saving hours and enjoying increased functionality with the new PowerTeacher Pro

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Increase parent engagement with real-time student performance updates

Teachers can engage parents and students with enhanced communication tools, making grades, assignments, attendance and more visible for all stakeholders.

Real-time interface with parent and student portals and the mobile app eliminates lag time for accessibility and redundant data entry.

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