An enterprise resource planning system to power school operations.

Dashboard overview

View outstanding tasks, real-time reports with drill-downs, along with favorite websites, important documents, all in one screen with our Dashboard option.

Data management that makes sense

Use meaningful ways to capture, share, and make sense of data. Public forms, scan and store files, streamline reporting, and find the data you need to make smarter decisions.

Easy to navigate yet robust

atrieveERP is incredibly flexible without compromising ease of use. Most-used features stand out and organize by frequency of use. Built-in tooltips aid software navigation while our progressive widescreen formatting makes your critical information visible in one place.

Built for professionals on the go

Our mobile application lets you access and approve critical information beyond the edge of your office. Reduce the frustration of limited access and make the most of your time and resources.

Increase efficiency, improve ROI

atrieveERP modules cover all aspects of resource management including human resources, payroll, finance, document management, and security. Transform the way your school district manages their resources to reduce costs and place dollars back to the classroom. Manage employee absences, leave requests, hiring, workflows, health and safety, schedules and more. Streamline payments, timesheets, and requests for change. Capture details and report on invoices, purchasing, accounts receivable, expense claims and more. Direct exports to excel, PDF and output to the portal allows information to be shared effectively with all stakeholders.

Automate and gain efficiency in HR

atrieveHR™ provides flexibility, automation, efficiency, and eliminates duplicate work.  No more separate files! Integrated with Payroll, Automated Dispatch, Attendance Management, and Accounts Receivable, atrieveHR™ shares important information across the system and provides maximum flexibility through customizable user control.

Our expansive line of HR modules with atrieveHR™ include:

  • Automated Dispatch
  • Absence Management
  • Staffing Requisition
  • Job Posting
  • Employee Self-Serve
  • Workboard
  • E-Docs (electronic employee files)
  • Leave Management
  • Schedule Entry
  • Report Writers & Dashboards
  • Workflows
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Streamline payroll

The power behind atrievePayroll™ allows for multiple payroll streams and processing simultaneously. A payroll software as unique as your own needs, we work hand in hand with you to customize atrievePayroll™ to fit YOUR payroll reality. Employee information and history are stored indefinitely with easy access to historical data. Timesheets can be entered online and submitted for approval, flowing effortlessly into atrievePayroll™.

Some of the components you can customize atrievePayroll™ include timesheet entry and report writers and dashboards.

Financial peace of mind

atrieveFinance™ offers peace of mind financial management for school boards. Fast retrieval of documents for inquiry or audits. Immediate posting for real-time balances at all times. Controls are set to your requirements, as tightly as you require. atrieveFinance™ offers efficiency, control, and ease of use to district financial departments.
Complete financial management needs with ease with some of the following options for atrieveFinance™:

  • Workflows
  • Purchasing
  • Employee Expenses/Travel Claims
  • Online Requisition Entry
  • Data Warehouse
  • Report Writers & Dashboards
  • Accounts Receivable
streamlining payroll

Streamlining School District Payroll


Five ways districts see cost savings and increased efficiencies

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