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As a whole, PSU is the most efficient and well organized tech conference I have ever attended. It was clear to me that it was well thought out and the details were well planned. I liked the pre-software download sessions as well as the way the tech support was integrated into sessions so that it did not impede the trainers nor attendees. Attendees were able to have their needs met easily without delaying the courses for the others. All of the PSU staff was knowledgeable, friendly and able to address questions appropriately. The digital coursebook is the most valuable conference "swag" I've received in a long time. I enjoyed being able to take notes as well as reading course materials for courses I was unable to attend. Great development work on the course book!

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PowerSchool University: Another Great Place For Training

Held in locations throughout the United States, PowerSchool University is our four-day annual PowerSchool training event. Choose from over 50 hands-on training courses in a wide variety of informative topics designed to help you become a more effective PowerSchool user no matter what your skill level. With hundreds of attendees, you’ll also have the opportunity to network and learn from other users around the world.

Visit the PowerSchool University website for additional information on this premier customer event.

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Featured Training Option

Master Schedule Build Workshop (MSBW)

MSBW is an intense, practical program conducted by our scheduling experts. It is an educational experience designed to enable attendees to become more effective, efficient school schedulers.  The workshop begins with the basics of scheduling logic and takes the attendees step-by-step through a schedule building demonstration session.

Host a Workshop and receive free training! Host sites will receive one free seat after a minimum enrollment number is met.

You don’t need to have the PowerSchool SIS to attend or benefit from this workshop.

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