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Fact: 30% of PowerSchool SIS customers have already chosen PowerSchool Registration

Save your staff time, hassle, and money with PowerSchool’s online enrollment and registration solution. Go paperless with robust functionality and an intuitive interface for an easier, more efficient and secure experience to manage admissions, enrollment, choice, and registration.

Smooth, secure student data flow directly into PowerSchool SIS before school starts

PowerSchool Registration and PowerSchool SIS communicate instantly in real-time, so all of your valuable student data will be entered accurately for when you need it.

  • Get precise student counts
  • Plan staffing accurately
  • Organize transportation early
  • Prepare for student medical needs
  • Allocate resources as needed
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Improve data security

PowerSchool SIS districts know that ensuring student safety is a high priority. Moving away from a paper-based or outdated registration system to PowerSchool Registration can help improve data security and safeguard student privacy. No more guesswork in transcribing parent handwriting and no more data entry errors. Learn more in this whitepaper, which highlights ways PowerSchool Registration improves your school’s student safety.

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Whitepaper: 5 Ways Online Registration Improves Student Safety Standards
PowerSchool Registration

PowerSchool Registration by the numbers

Experience real ROI, cost savings, staff hour reductions, less time processing paperwork, less printing, and much more.

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"Factoring in the cost of labor resources, paper and ink, our [PowerSchool Registration] solution saves us an average of $82,000 per year."

Kevin Harrison
Data Manager, Bedford County Public Schools, VA

PowerSchool Registration increases administrative productivity, improves reporting and compliance, and reduces printing and mailing costs.

Hobson & Company research proves the business case for one unified Registration and SIS solution with PowerSchool. A sample district with 20,000 students and 1,065 teachers can experience annual benefits in excess of $750k with a payback period of 4.3 months and a 3-year ROI of 591%. Customers interviewed reported a reduction in:

  • Administrative time spent on student registration of well over 40%
  • Printing and mailing costs of registration materials of over 50%
  • Time spent on reporting by over 35% along with increased funding by 0.1%
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How much money can you save?

Use the ROI calculator now to find out how much your district can start saving with PowerSchool Registration!

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Bedford County Schools

Bedford County Schools

Cutting 15-20 forms per student, staff time and labor, Bedford County Schools is now saving $82,000 per year.

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Falls Church City Public Schools

Falls Church City Public Schools

Read how online registration helped increase fundraising by nearly 600%—to over $17,000 a year.

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Horry County School District

Horry County School District

Cutting postage with online registration is saving Horry County School District $14,000 a year.

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"We went from distributing 20 forms per student to displaying just 6 tabs online. This helped us achieve a 95% success rate of families completing registration prior to the first day of school."

Ashley Peterson
District Data Manager, Warren Township School District, NJ

How Shelby County is “saving millions of dollars each year” with paperless, online registration

Find out how Shelby County Schools (with 120,000 students) is saving millions of dollars annually while also engaging families to adopt its online registration solution. Hear from Angela Hargrave about how her district has revolutionized the registration process by saving money, time and resources by moving to paperless registration!

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