School Choice/Lottery

Enrollment management for charter schools, magnet schools, open enrollment, and choice programs at districts.

Confidence in a tamper-proof system

With built-in workflows and barriers, as well as user permissions and audit logs, our system ensures choice and lotteries are run fairly and cannot be tampered with.

Remove barriers for families

From language barriers to technology barriers, make the enrollment process easier for families with clear communication, easy-to-use forms, and mobile-friendly platforms.

Customized to meet your needs

No matter your preferences, priorities, workflow, or requirements, we build a system that meets your needs using best practices and industry standards.

Increase compliance and efficiency

Take confidence in compliance through our workflow tagging and barriers. Stop ineligible applicants from entering lotteries, identify potential duplicates, collect required documentation, and then run your lottery in a matter of minutes.

Efficient, compliant, and family-friendly.

With over 16 years of experience, take confidence in a system built to meet your needs and assist interested families.

Our robust platform simplifies the enrollment process for families, making submission more convenient, while giving administrators tools to access data, communicate, and complete choice or lottery-associated activities. Run tamper-proof lotteries in a matter of minutes and save hundreds of hours managing waitlists with our automated system.

Collecting over 800 applications per year, running a lottery, managing a waitlist and student registration was time-consuming. Partnering with [PowerSchool Registration] is going to simplify these steps, offering convenience for our families and efficiency for our school staff.

Sharon Huber
Data Administrator, Southwest Learning Centers & SAMS Academy, NM
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Accountability, transparency, compliance.

Built-in workflow barriers and tags ensure applications meet the correct requirements and are complete, including documentation such as proof of residency. Workflows and processes are custom designed to meet your needs, no matter whether it’s a magnet school application, charter school application, or a transfer application.

All approvals, changes, and edits are recorded in audit logs, creating transparency. Lotteries are tamper-proof, fair, and customized to your preferences or priorities. No application can enter lotteries without first being approved.

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Unparalleled industry expertise

PowerSchool boasts industry and school specific expertise when it comes to applications, school choice, lotteries, and waitlists. We know that every school is different, which is we customize solutions to meet your needs while at the same time advising on best practices and peer models.

Take confidence in our solutions, our successful implementation, and our project management skills. Invest in a best-in-class solution for solid deployment and long-term success using knowledge from our team.

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KIPP Houston sought out a solution that would provide a customer-friendly focus on families from the time they enter the lottery for enrollment until their kids graduate.

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Preferences, priorities, waitlists, and more

No matter your requirements, we build a system that meets your preferences and priorities. From sibling enrolled to sibling applying to geographic location, our smart lottery engine can accommodate your process.

Announce results to families, receive decision responses, and streamline communication through batch personalized emails. Parents can view and interact with results in real-time, including the ability to accept/decline a seat and view their position on waitlists. Waitlists automatically adjust, significantly reducing manual hours on waitlist maintenance and increasing accuracy.


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