Admissions for the 21st century

Admissions management for independent, private, international, and specialty schools.

Increase recruitment and communications

Collect basic or extensive information from families, and begin targeted recruitment communication with students and parents based on their interest. Examine admissions data for better recruitment marketing.

Simplify the process for families

Keep families informed about their application progress. Remove the burden of paper forms, redundancy, and document copies. Reduce confusion and language barriers.

Complement your academic reputation

Schools with strong academic reputations for leading education in the 21st century should have a matching advanced application system, one of the first points of interaction with all families.

Build cross-department collaboration

With appropriate access to student files and applications, school departments can access information instantly, track progress, and collaborate better with other departments in ways unattainable by paper-based processes.

Recruit. Collaborate. Communicate.

Unify admissions management and facilitate better communication among departments and with families.

Our robust platform simplifies the admissions process for families, making submission more convenient, while giving administrators tools to access data, communicate, and reform outdated paper-based processes. Take confidence in a transparent system that streamlines data collection and student evaluation.

The members of our Board want numbers—measurable information they can assess to sum up the progress of enrollment. Every month, I export information from [PowerSchool Registration] that provides the total number of applications we have. I’m then able to break that number down even more by determining how many applicants are from our partner schools, transfers from public schools, and provide additional data gleaned from the online application form. It is tangible data that allows Memorial’s team to see the progress we’re making.

Vanessa Gonzalez
Admissions and Marketing Director, San Joaquin Memorial High School, CA
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A central admissions platform for efficiency and collaboration

All application data, documents, and processing lives in our online admissions platform. Access the platform from anywhere with an internet connection. View student profiles, data, transcripts, documents, and more.

Administrators can access data based on permissions, such as principals, admissions, or the business/finance office. Ease admissions committee meetings and access data that fosters selecting students best matched to your school culture. Additionally, our smart system identifies potential duplicate applications, notifying administrators that action is required.

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Efficient, effective recruitment and communication

Target recruitment marketing and communications based on collected data from your families. Send batch personalized messages using custom templates. Invite students interested in music to an upcoming school concert. Focus recruitment on new target geographic areas based on ZIP codes.

Better understand your admissions process and data to inform marketing efforts and increase ROI. Track all communications with families, streamline follow-up, and schedule appointments such as interviews.

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Falls Church City Public Schools in Virginia included the Giant Food a+ School Rewards form in their online registration process. They went from raising $3,000 a year to over $17,000 a year thanks to PowerSchool Registration.

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Applications, trackers, forms, documents, and more

Move your entire application process online. Turn paper forms into smart online forms that only present relevant questions to applicants. Enable families to track the progress of their application with our admissions tracker.

Upload electronic copies or images of documents such as transcripts or passports. Tag applications based on submitted data and documents, such as “documents pending verification” or “loves soccer.”


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