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A best-in-class platform to manage admissions, enrollment, choice, and registration.


Save money, time, and resources

Remove inefficiencies associated with paper-based or ineffective digital processes, saving time and money.

Simplify the process for families

Make enrollment and registration simple and convenient for families. Remove language barriers, reduce confusion, and improve communication.

Improve student safety and learning

Take confidence in accurate data vital for student safety. Prepare for student strengths, weaknesses, needs, and support services before the first day of school.

Improve school-wide resource management

Know accurate enrollment numbers before school starts. Adjust staffing, class allocations, scheduling, bus routes, immunization follow-up and more before school starts.

Happy families. Better data. Confidence in compliance.

PowerSchool Registration is a customizable platform for all of your admissions, choice, enrollment, and registration needs, no matter the size or type of school or district.

Move to a simple yet robust online system for applications, school choice and lotteries, waitlists, student contracts, registration forms, policy sign-offs, athletic sign-ups, and more. Customize forms and processes to your needs, communicate with families, and take confidence that data submitted is accurate upon first submission, increasing student safety and decreasing administrative burdens. Deliver standardized or polished data to your SIS using auto-delivery.

"Before the first day of school we had electronically formatted information on most of our students to serve and protect them, including information about allergic reactions, and changes in contact and emergency information. The astounding thing about that was that before [PowerSchool Registration], we would have 0% filled out, because we didn’t distribute the forms until after the kids came back to school."

Stephanie Douglas
Director of Technology, Carlisle Area School District, PA
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Take the pain out of the annual registration process

Schools have to collect significant amounts of data from new students, and confirm existing data with current students. Move your process to a smart system that only asks relevant questions to each student, remembers family data, connects siblings, and identifies duplicate submissions. Empower families to view and complete registration forms and upload documents at their convenience from any device, including phones and tablets.

Take confidence in compliance through built-in workflows and barriers that ensure students are registered with correct documentation. Easily identify students outside of compliance, such as those missing immunizations. Export relevant data to other departments, such as transport or athletics.

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Implement a transparent and efficient school choice/lottery system

Simplify and streamline your application, lottery, and choice process with enrollment management designed specifically for charter schools, magnet schools, open enrollment, transfers, and choice programs at school districts. Customize a workflow based on your requirements, and create accountability through audit logs.

Improve recruitment through streamlined communication with families and increase family engagement in exercising choice in education. Give families peace of mind that processes are fair for all children involved.

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Falls Church City Public Schools in Virginia included the Giant Food A+ School Rewards form in their online registration process. They went from raising $3,000 a year to over $17,000 a year thanks to PowerSchool Registration.

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Admissions for the 21st century

Give a great first impression with inquiry and application forms tailored to your process and school. Begin recruitment with families using targeted communications to peak their interest.

Families love our applications all around the world, especially how family data entered for the first student snaps to subsequent forms, reducing time spent on applications, removing redundant data entry, and increasing the quality of applications submitted.

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Beyond the Registrar: How Parents and Back-Office Staff Also Win with Online Registration


Five ways districts see cost savings and increased efficiencies

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Parkland School District PowerSchool's Integrated Solution

SIS – Parkland School District Drives Student Success with Data-Driven Decision-Making

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