Managing HR in PowerSchool

A streamlined experience for your employees and your district’s success.

Enhanced productivity

Built-in workflows ensure all the proper steps are taken through the employment and reporting process in order to meet the correct requirements.

Support network during reporting

Meeting your state and federal reporting needs is a breeze. With ongoing support, your system will always be ready for the challenges thrown at you.

Simplified employee access

Employees reap the benefits of having online access to updating and managing their personal information, records, benefits, W2s, and more.

Solutions for every district type

PowerSchool’s Finance/HR/ERP solution is customized to meet your needs. Enhanced user experience with unique favorites make sure vital information is just one click away.

Streamlined employee management from recruitment to retirement

PowerSchool Finance/HR/ERP is designed for the unique needs of K-12 districts.

When it comes to overall success, district staff need a quick, simple experience that guarantees access to strategic information exactly when it’s needed. Administrators need a reliable management tool for the district’s most vital employee data, and employees need easy access in order to manage their personal information.

In our payroll department we are pretty good about getting our numbers right, and one of the reasons that we do is because the program [Finance/HR/ERP] we have is so efficient and utilizes every aspect that we need in order for the program to run properly in the payroll department. It seems seamless, the information is all there. When we go to pull a pay edit, everybody is there, every time. We don’t have missed folks in the process.

Cynthia Langden
Payroll Supervisor, Sheldon ISD, TX

From recruitment through retirement

With so many steps involved in the hiring and recruiting process, PowerSchool’s Finance/HR/ERP solution allows for position control and team recruitment, so that you can maximize your time. Key task automation, reduced data entry and budget compliance are just a few built-in features that simplify your human resource management.

Once an employee is on staff, it’s simple to calculate salary projections, monitor professional development and track time and benefits. This reduces the administrative workload by allowing the employees more flexibility to monitor their own information.

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Work smarter, not harder

Managing the processes associated with new hires, terminations, personnel data and more can be overwhelming. Add in the daunting task of managing district payroll, monitoring attendance, and tracking employee training and certification programs, and it’s no wonder that there are not enough hours in the day.

Payroll management is efficient, accurate and versatile, and attendance becomes an automatic function with little hand-holding. All current and historical personnel data is accessible as designated by district-defined preferences. The Finance/HR/ERP solution simplifies workflows so that human resource staff have more time to focus on what matters most.

"Our teaching staff can sign up for courses—whether they’re courses we offer in the district or through an outside consultant or that they take at a local college. Then there can be verification to indicate whether they’ve attended and met all the requirements of that course."

- D.D. Dawson, Executive Director of Finance, Harrisonburg City Public Schools, VA

Giving better access to employees

Employees need a quick, simple experience that affords them the information they need, when they need it. The Finance/HR/ERP solution conveniently provides payroll and personnel information online or on the go through the Employee Access Center or the mobile app. Employees now have greater visibility of vital HR information which helps them stay connected.

streamlining payroll

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