Managing Financials in PowerSchool

The heart of district fiscal operations and purchasing processes just got easier.

Data-driven decisions

PowerSchool Finance/HR/ERP puts the focus on at-a-glance insights so administrators can work smarter, not harder. With these insights, district leaders can make better decisions based on actionable, relevant district information.

Time-saving processes

Built-in workflows ensure all the proper steps are taken through routing of requisitions, purchase orders, change orders, accounts payable, budget adjustments, and budget transfers.

Solutions for every district type

PowerSchool’s Finance/HR/ERP solution is customized to meet your needs. Enhanced user experience with unique favorites make sure vital information is just one click away.

Support when you need it most

Meeting your state and federal reporting needs is a breeze. With ongoing support, your system will always be ready for the challenges thrown at you.

Increased efficiency to save district time and money.

PowerSchool Finance/HR/ERP is designed for the unique needs of K-12 districts.

When it comes to K-12 accounting and purchasing processes, time is of the essence. In today’s high-pressure K-12 financial management world, school districts need an intuitive and easy way of managing daily fiscal operations so that concentration can go back into making informed decisions. Through real-time, accurate, and superior data access, streamline your accounting process and easily manage fiscal information, monitor workflows and general ledgers, and more.

We’re not saving every sheet of paper anymore because Finance/HR/ERP has such a powerful way to generate reports and archive documents. During our routine annual audit, the auditors are always very pleased with the documentation we’re able to provide them.

D.D. Dawson
Executive Director of Finance, Harrisonburg City Public Schools, VA

Improve K-12 fiscal management

Streamlining daily fiscal operations allows districts to concentrate on making strategic decisions. From budgeting through accounts payable, Power School Finance/HR/ERP makes the fiscal management experience seamless.

The PowerSchool Finance/HR/ERP solution’s real-time database maintains fiscal, purchasing, and budgeting information and makes it easy for district staff to manage daily fiscal operations, financial accounting, and purchasing processes while adhering to all GAAP, GASB, and GAAFR requirements.

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Simplify processes from request to payment

With an integrated general ledger, your district is able to improve the efficiency of business operations with templates for journal entries, easy reversals, the ability to work in multiple periods, drill downs, and the ability to attach and view documents associated with transactions and/or vendor payments.

Work flow processes guide through day-to-day financial functions including account management, purchase orders, and payments; all while displaying the summary or detailed information needed to make informed financial decisions at a glance.

“Right off the bat, we stopped issuing paycheck vouchers. And that’s a huge help to our Payroll Department. We saved paper and reduced wear and tear on the printer.”

– Gayla Hirst, Fort Osage R-1 School District, MO

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Eliminate vendor complexity

With the vendor portals, manage the vendor registration process, reduce routine vendor requests and distribute vendor forms. Streamline the purchasing process by enabling your district to shop directly on a vendor’s website using negotiated pricing and catalogs.

The PCard Interface enables districts to manage credit card use for employees. Vendor bidding management becomes simplified with easily created consolidated bid lists, calculated lowest bidder, and automatic purchase order creation.


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