PowerSchool Finance/HR/ERP

Easily manage the processes that contribute to financial and strategic district success.


Streamline efficiencies

PowerSchool works with your district to streamline your accounting and human resource processes. Our Finance/HR/ERP solution provides users easy and flexible access to the most important data right from the start.

Make informed decisions

At-a-glance insights help your administrators make better decisions based on actionable, relevant district information. Real-time, superior data access ensures that employees have the information they need.

Achieve objectives through collaboration

All stakeholders can collaborate on how to help the district succeed. From budgeting and purchasing, to professional development and recruiting, a district's vital information can provide insight into key planning for the future.

Join a network of support

Your district is completely supported from installation through implementation and beyond. This includes membership in user groups, collaboration between districts, and frequent calls to discuss regulatory requirements.

District success and efficiency go hand-in-hand

Experience a financial and human resources management solution that drives district success.

Our Finance/HR/ERP solution streamlines the management of K-12 financial and human resources data so that school administrators and employees can focus on keeping the district running as efficiently as possible. Our intuitive, scalable, and secure financial and human resources management system smartly manages payroll, personnel and employee data.

With single sign-on to PowerSchool SIS, users flow seamlessly between PowerSchool SIS & eFinancePLUS, enabling easy management of employee data. By simplifying the thousands of tasks performed daily by school district personnel, our Finance/HR/ERP solution frees your staff to focus on district success.

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Change is often hard for people. But I can honestly say that every single one of the staff cannot believe the progress that we have made. We know where we were. We know how far we’ve come. And, we can see the possibilities of what [the Finance/HR/ERP solution] can continue to do for us in the future.

D.D. Dawson
Executive Director of Finance, Harrisonburg City Public Schools, VA

The power of financial management

Through real-time, accurate, and superior data access, your accounting processes and fiscal information becomes easy to manage, allowing you to monitor workflows, general ledgers, and more. The Finance/HR/ERP solution ensures that every financial detail gets a string attached. Have confidence knowing that important information is accurate and traceable for comprehensive record-keeping.

Built-in workflows ensure all the proper steps are taken through routing of requisitions, purchase orders, change orders, accounts payable, budget adjustments, and budget transfers.

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The power of human resource management

With successful employee management from recruitment to retirement, our solution helps you centrally manage vital employee information from a K-12 perspective. Managing payroll needs including multiple calendars, positions, bargaining units, and contract pay is simple.

The hiring process is effective with the use of automation of key tasks and position control to meet state and federal regulations. Built-in workflows ensure all the proper steps are taken through the employment and reporting process in order to meet the correct requirements. Onboarding employees has never been easier. With seamless integration to PowerSchool SIS, employee data is saved automatically, reducing errors and saving time during the data entry process.

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Strategic decision-making based on actionable, relevant information

Our Finance/HR/ERP solution provides district leaders with the dashboards and data analysis tools that provide key building or district-wide performance indicators to effectively drive efforts toward data-driven action plans. At-a-glance insights allow administrators to monitor budgetary performance, employee statistics and purchasing.

Districts know that data is only helpful if you know how to use it. Users can intuitively create reports so that stakeholders truly understand the data and make informed strategic decisions. Rest assured that staff will be able to meet regulatory requirements on time with the ability to produce an extensive number of standard, regulatory and custom reports.

"Right off the bat, we stopped issuing paycheck vouchers. And that’s a huge help to our Payroll Department. We saved paper and reduced wear and tear on the printer.”

Gayla Hirst
Fort Osage R-1 School District, MO

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Get critical access to information right at your fingertips

Employees need a quick, simple experience that affords them the information they need, when they need it. The Finance/HR/ERP solution conveniently provides payroll and personnel information online or on the go. Mobile access to vital HR information is essential and available in our Employee App.

Smart Notifications automatically inform staff when key events occur, so everyone remains informed up-to-the minute, and doesn’t spend time searching for important data.

streamlining payroll

Streamlining School District Payroll


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