PowerSchool Analytics

Harness the power of the full 360° view of student progress to empower administrators.

Identify early warning signs

The Early Warning System helps to monitor key indicators for students who are at risk of dropping out or disengaging, enabling schools to intervene early. Icons indicate subject-specific intervention eligibility for each student.

Reduce drop outs and failures with RTI

The Response to Intervention (RTI) tool allows you to assigning students to targeted intervention programs to get them back on track quickly. Receive alerts as soon as students are in need of an intervention.

Inform personalized learning plans based on deep performance data

With a 360° view of students from the class, school, and district level, administrators can set achievement goals and give every student a personalized learning plan.

Improve education with insights from visual data illustrations

Drive student growth and close achievement gaps with analysis from longitudinal student data, state-level data, KPIs, and additional data such as attendance and discipline.

Tools to facilitate data-driven education decisions

Combine data structure with RTI, early warning systems, data analysis, and visual dashboards to produce insights that drive instruction, curriculum, and professional development decisions.

PowerSchool Analytics places the student at the center so that administrators and teachers can provide a personalized learning plan to every student. Administrators use the tool to reduce drop outs and failures, personalize learning with longitudinal data, increase graduation rates, organize all their data in one place, and meet federal reporting requirements with ease.

With Analytics, the Principals and Instructional Leaders in our division are able to take the data and make decisions. They’re grouping kids for classes and figuring out which kids need remediation.

Julie Craft
Instructional Technology Coordinator, Montgomery County Public Schools, VA
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Identify at-risk students early and take preventative action.

The key-indicator monitoring feature indicates when students are at risk for dropping out or disengaging, empowering administrators to intervene early. Students with similar characteristics can easily be grouped and using watch lists so you can monitor their progress all along the way.

Create metrics of risk indicator thresholds based on data such as absence rates, course failures, suspensions, assessment history, and more. Identify systematic issues affecting graduation rates to serve as flags for those at-risk of dropping out.

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Visualize complete student data for personalized learning plans and interventions.

Look at all data points for a single student as well as those for a class, school, or district, then set achievement goals specific to each based on longitudinal performance data and trends. Use data and goal setting to continually drive widespread, consistent growth.

Identify students in need of interventions based on your at-risk thresholds and create, track, and monitor RTI programs. Customize progress indicators and at-risk alerts to streamline the process and improve student performance.

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Monitor and achieve school and district performance goals

The bird’s-eye view of performance empowers administrators to monitor their district, school, or classrooms by evaluating a variety of data sources in one report with snapshot views of performance. Identify areas of weakness at various levels and facilitate data-driven decisions to drive systemic growth. With a simple click you can review performance results for benchmarks, state assessments, and teacher effectiveness

Take an at-a-glance view of school and student data in our dashboards to explore comparative analyses, KPIs, performance tracking, graduation progress, attendance, discipline and interventions, assessment history, and more. Empower educators to make accurate and appropriate data driven decisions to improve education.

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