Improving the K-12 education experience

with robust solutions to power school operations, drive student growth, and unify the classroom experience.

A single platform designed to improve K-12 education

With over 65 million users, PowerSchool is a best-in-class, robust platform designed to streamline school operations, provide valuable insights into operations and classroom performance, empower teachers, and drive student growth. Remove inefficiencies in school operations and free-up funds and resources for re-allocation. Capture valuable data for granular to big-picture insights to pinpoint effective solutions to your school’s specific needs. Spend more time on instruction with our unified classroom.

Stop wasting time, money, and resources on inefficient processes, out-of-date systems, multiple software applications. Start benefiting from data-driven insights into student performance, trends, areas of weakness, and inefficiencies to pinpoint effective solutions.

  • Best-in-class, innovative technology
  • Effective solutions to common problems
  • Intuitive & easy-to-use
  • Largest resource & user community

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Unify the classroom experience

with an innovative, single solution to improve instruction and personalized learning

PowerSchool has developed the first unified classroom experience with full-feature capabilities for attendance, grading, content, assignments, behavior, assessments, and collaboration. Stop using disparate, disconnected systems and start meeting needs inside and outside of the classroom.

Discover the Unified Classroom How we empower teachers

Empower administrators with data

Make data-driven decisions, remove inefficiencies, pinpoint weaknesses, and identify effective solutions for better management.

Insights from data analysis reveal trends and help to tie curriculum to assessment and instruction. Collect accurate data for required compliance and reporting. Improve instruction and performance at every level by identifying and targeting weaknesses.

How we impact school operations discover our SIS

Drive student growth

Achieve measurable, tangible results in student performance and improve learning outcomes for individual students, classes, schools, and districts.

From robust tools to data analysis to mobile apps, PowerSchool helps teachers, administrators, and curriculum directors understand student learning, identify trends, manage interventions, intervene early for at-risk students, and provide individualized learning for all student populations.

How we drive student growth discover PowerTeacher Pro

Streamline, gain efficiency, save resources.

Positively impact your education community by changing out-dated processes, reducing resource consumption, and removing burdens from disjointed systems.

Significantly improve resource management using timely and accurate enrollment data collected through online registration. Simplify reporting and providing data to departments, agencies, and government entities. Streamline planning and management for special education and interventions.

How we power school operations Discover PowerSchool Registration

Build student & parent engagement

Increase parent engagement, improve communications, and build student learning ownership.

Open effective avenues for communication with parents and students to foster learning that extends beyond the classroom and campus. Build transparency with student progress and help students to understand their learning.

How we engage parents Discover our mobile apps
featured Case study

SIS – Parkland School District Drives Student Success with Data-Driven Decision-Making

Parkland leveraged PowerSchool’s solutions for managing their student information and financial and human resource data and processes.

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Parkland School District PowerSchool's Integrated Solution




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