K-12 Student Information System Buying Guide


Are teachers taxed by a Student Information System that is hard to use and doesn’t easily give insight into student performance? Is your student data at risk? Are families frustrated by not feeling up to date with their child’s learning?

If your SIS isn’t getting the job done, your district may be ready for an upgrade. Get started with our three-part eBook series: The K-12 SIS Buying Guide. 

PART 1: When & Why to Upgrade Your SIS


  • 5 dimensions for evaluating your current SIS’s performance
  • Checklists for assessing SIS effectiveness
  • Ways that upgrading can help position your district for current and future success

PART 2: How to Choose the Right SIS for Your District


  • 8 key elements to guide your SIS search
  • Ways that a new SIS can impact your district’s leaders, including the Superintendent, CIO, CAO, and CFO
  • Why SIS flexibility and customizability are vital for future-proofing your district

PART 3: Why PowerSchool SIS

See how PowerSchool SIS:

  • Provides secure, best-in-class cloud hosting backed by Microsoft Azure
  • Future-proofs your district with open, expandable software that integrates with your edtech solutions
  • Powers student success with actionable data and insights

To learn more about PowerSchool’s award-winning Student Information System, visit www.powerschool.com.