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Driving Education Technology
Return on Investment (ROI)

The Case for a Unified Education Technology Platform

In K-12, education technology and student management are crucial components to successfully deliver on the final product — education. Without the right infrastructure and tools in place, it is a steep uphill battle to efficiently and effectively accomplish the ultimate objective of educating students. Yet this is an area that many schools and districts deeply struggle with due to outdated processes and without systems in place to help support optimal student registration, robust student information management, unique needs of special education, student behavior and, finally, but perhaps most importantly, to help support classroom and student performance.

ROI Research Report

Hobson & Company Research:
Driving ROI

PowerSchool has partnered with Hobson & Company for a research report highlighting examples of validated use cases where the impact of PowerSchool is not only strategic for K-12, but also measurable based on key metrics confirmed by current users of the solution. Research consisting of over 20 in-depth interviews with customers found that a validated education technology platform addressed specific customer challenges across schools and districts to deliver a quick and compelling ROI (Return on Investment).

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Driving Education Technology ROI research report
ROI Calculator

Discover your ROI with PowerSchool solutions

The PowerSchool ROI calculator was developed as a helpful free tool to assist in estimating the potential annual dollar value you can gain from using PowerSchool solutions. This tool applies cost inputs, data, and feedback provided by PowerSchool clients and generates a customized ROI report for your school or district, including a downloadable PDF for sharing with your stakeholders.

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ROI Calculator

"By having all systems integrated together, we expect to have higher productivity and reduced implementation hours."

Dan Markert
Director of IT, Moorhead School District, MN

Hobson & Company Research:
ROI Fact Sheets

PowerSchool Unified Classroom

The Business Case for PowerSchool Unified Classroom

Improve teacher productivity, reduce hard costs, and improve student performance.

View the pdf
PowerSchool Student Information System

The Business Case for PowerSchool Student Information System

Improve teacher productivity, student performance, and administrative productivity, plus reduce printing costs.

View the pdf
PowerSchool Registration

The Business Case for PowerSchool Registration

Increase administrative productivity, reporting, and compliance, plus reduce printing/mailing costs.

View the pdf
PowerSchool Learning

The Business Case for PowerSchool Learning

Improve teacher productivity, parent communication, and student performance, plus reduce printing costs.

View the pdf
PowerSchool Assessment

The Business Case for PowerSchool Assessment

Improve teacher productivity, student performance, and administrative productivity.

View the pdf
PowerSchool Special Education

The Business Case for PowerSchool Special Education

Increase special education funding, teacher productivity, administrative productivity, and reduce special education audit risks.

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"We reduced printing by moving to a digital classroom by 100%, which was about $90k in annual savings."

Deb Fox
Senior Technology Consultant, Oxford Community Schools, MI

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