What is the Unified Classroom?

January 09, 2017

As technology in the classroom changes, grows, and consolidates, many might be wondering what is the unified classroom? PowerSchool’s Unified Classroom is a comprehensive software solution that eliminates traditional technology silos (Gradebook, LMS, Assessment), empowering teachers to manage the entire instructional process more efficiently.

Most classrooms and teachers currently operate with separate solutions and software for the following:

The LMS doesn’t talk to the formative assessment solution, and neither of those talk to the Gradebook. Further still, students and class rosters need to first be populated in each software system because it’s unlikely that the LMS, assessment, gradebook, special education/IEP software, and a positive behavior reinforcement solution all integrate with the school or district’s student information system. All of a sudden, there are 5 software solutions in the classroom, not all of them integrate with the student information system, and as a result, teachers have to do data entry.

While data entry is time consuming, it’s not the only time wasted. Any teacher with multiple classroom software solutions knows that it takes time to get students to log in to a software platform. If within one lesson students have to log in to two different software solutions, it’s easy to lose 10+ minutes simply logging in.

PowerSchool is revolutionizing how the classroom operates on a day-to-day basis by putting an LMS, formative assessment, special education/IEP, gradebook, and positive behavior reinforcement solutions into a single, unified platform:

The platform is called “The Unified Classroom” and while it’s exciting to have all applications in a single space, what makes it valuable is far more than time saved in data entry and logging in.

The Significance of a Unified Platform

For teachers and administrators, the significance of a unified platform lies in data related to student and teacher performance lies in a single place. Bringing together the LMS, assessment, gradebook, special education/IEP, and behavior solutions means that data from each solution can now talk to each other. Think of it as data flowing seamlessly from one application to another: grade an assignment and the grade populates automatically to the gradebook and the student information system.

What is truly empowering about a unified platform with unified data is that it gives teachers real-time insights into each student’s performance, allowing them to deliver instruction tailored to the needs of each individual student. Data that was previously separated is now centralized, meaning teachers can see a complete view of students and classes in a way previously not possible due to separated software solutions.

In summary, the Unified Classroom is the only solution to deliver complete classroom capabilities in one seamless application, allowing teachers and students to benefit from technology and revolutionizing their classroom experiences.

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