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Article May, 2018

Unlock the Key to Building a Nimble Education Ecosystem with Cloud Hosting

See how cloud hosting for your K-12 education technology can help you become a future-ready school today.

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August, 2016

3 Free eBooks to Help Integrate Technology in Your Classroom

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has shared three eBooks that are available for a free iTunes download that can help guide you through integrating technology into your classroom this year!

July, 2016

Infographic: Are Textbooks Becoming Extinct?

A recent study reveals how students have become more dependent on technology and how the common textbook may be affected. Take a look at the infographic.

July, 2016

How Teachers Can Narrow the Digital Divide in Their Classrooms

Technology access plays a big role in this learning. From working on school assignments and watching online tutorials to communicating with teachers and confidently using modern computer technology, technology access matters a lot for student learning and their ultimate educational success.

June, 2016

15 Education Apps to Download for Next School Year

Technology in the classroom can be very useful in executing a successful lesson. We have listed 15 educational apps to download for the next school year.

4 critical edtech lessons
June, 2016

4 Critical EdTech Lessons from Teachers

More than 38,000 K-12 teachers from across the nation took part in the 2015 Speak Up survey. Here are some of the key findings from these teacher responses that have important implications for K-12 leaders. K-12 leaders can learn from teachers’ responses to the same survey, as well as another recent national poll.

Technology Visionary
May, 2016

Do You Know a Technology Visionary?

As I think about the makeup of a true visionary, I focus on the thought of having a definite idea on what should take place. I have often described this process as, not thinking outside the box, but rather, opening the box to see what is inside.

May, 2016

Six Keys to Effective Digital Leadership

During Sheninger’s tenure as principal from 2009-14, the school saw its graduation rate increase to 97 percent, and Advanced Placement scores increased by 20 percent for three straight years, despite the fact that the school served a large percentage of low-income students. Sheninger attributed this success to the leadership of his staff.

How to Share Your District's ed tech story
April, 2016

How to Share Your Ed-Tech Success with a Wider Audience

If you don’t share your district’s story with the wider community, someone else will—and it might not be a flattering picture. So, how can you share your ed-tech successes and build support among parents, community members, the media, and others? Here’s some of the advice I shared about communicating externally with parents, community members, and the press.

Beyond Purchasing Cooperatives
April, 2016

Beyond Purchasing Cooperatives – Making the Most of Every District Dollar

The investment of energy and time in following this process isn’t all that much. The payoff is worth it. After all, any money saved, is a definite plus for any public school district.

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