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Article Feb, 2018

5 Steps to Creating Truly Engaging Personalized Learning Environments

Keys to student engagement and personalized learning include giving students freedom, tapping into curiosity, not directing, establishing sense of belonging, and giving teachers agency.

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Technology in Special Education
August, 2017

Six Ways Technology Can Improve Special Education Outcomes

Every day, technology continues to improve the way educators manage student data, provide instruction, and streamline workflows throughout departments. Technology revolutionizes classrooms and learning styles, enables communication and collaboration, and improves efficiencies that lead to more valuable time spent with students. Since 2011, the number of U.S. special education students has grown steadily. Currently, 5.83 […]

Making of the Unified Classroom
July, 2017

From Geek to Fatherhood: Why Education and the Unified Classroom Are So Important to Me

by Hardeep Gulati, Chief Executive Officer, PowerSchool At this year’s ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, PowerSchool was proud to launch major updates to the Unified Classroom, a revolutionary education technology solution that epitomizes what this company has been built upon for the past 20 years: empowering teachers, driving student growth, and improving K-12 education. Growing up, […]

implement new technology
April, 2017

Choosing the Right Time to Implement New K-12 Technology

Overall, implementing a new technology solution is a tall order that requires planning and preparation. Choosing the right time to implement a new solution will increase odds of success.

April, 2017

Hobson & Company Research: The Business Case for PowerSchool Student Information System

Through in-depth interviews with PowerSchool Student Information System (SIS) customers conducted by Hobson & Company, research found that the product is not only strategic in terms of improving efficiencies and student performance, but also delivers a quick and compelling ROI (Return on Investment).

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February 20, 2018

The Superintendent’s Role in a Digital Transformation

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March, 2017

How CTOs Can Craft Technology Implementation Plans That Work for Their School Districts

Looking at new technology? Examine your needs, plans, use, implementation, budget, roll-out and adoption, and maintenance before buying.

January, 2017

Keeping the Right Perspective

Over the years, I have often been asked to share practices as a technology leader that have made a difference. I have always been happy to do so. I have always felt that all of us, as educators, are in the same boat. We are all looking for better ways to ultimately serve our students. And so I share.

5 Ways the Role of a School District CTO Is Changing
October, 2016

5 Ways the Role of a School District CTO Is Changing

Chief technology officers of school districts operating in every region of the US are now expected to be IT experts instead of “boxes and wires” repair people. With many educational tools moving to the cloud, school districts don’t have the technical support they used to have before Internet 2.0. Instead, they’re relying on their school district CTO to ensure educational and administrative hardware and software functions smoothly.

August, 2016

CTO Round-Up: Changing District Culture

This week we’re featuring five articles from around the web on one topic. Our topic this week is how CTO’s are able to change the culture of a school district.

August, 2016

Hosted or Self-Hosted: Making the right choice for your district: Part 1

How to make the best choice for your district — it can be confusing to sort through all of the factors to consider, but making the best decision can save your district significant budget dollars in hardware, maintenance activity, downtime, and security attacks. So how do you evaluate the options, and which is best for your […]

July, 2016

6 Ways to Be a More Effective School District CTO

The role of the school district chief technology officer (CTO) is changing. Whereas CTOs used to focus most of their time on keeping school networks and technology systems up and running, today’s CTOs must clearly understand the learning needs of their students and teachers—and how technology can help support these needs.

curriculum and Tech directors
June, 2016

Curriculum & Technology Directors Divided

Unfortunately, differences between Curriculum and Technology occur quite often with each side remaining steadfast in their recommendations. So why does this occur and how does a district get beyond this impasse? And how can this seemed impasse can be overcome?

May, 2016

Six Keys to Effective Digital Leadership

During Sheninger’s tenure as principal from 2009-14, the school saw its graduation rate increase to 97 percent, and Advanced Placement scores increased by 20 percent for three straight years, despite the fact that the school served a large percentage of low-income students. Sheninger attributed this success to the leadership of his staff.

March, 2016

Are You Paying Too Much for Broadband? Try This New Tool to Find Out

A new tool from EducationSuperHighway can help you negotiate a better deal with your broadband provider. The tool is a result of a new rule designed to let EdTech leaders see how much other schools are paying for similar services and increase transparency.

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