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Article Nov, 2017

Do Your EdTech Vendors Take Student Data Privacy Seriously? Here Are 7 Key Questions to Ask.

Explore seven key questions to ask your education technology vendor about the critical responsibility of keeping student data safe and secure.

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October, 2016

An Interview with Retired Teacher and PowerSchool Trainer Ted Lindquist on the Teacher Summit Series

We sat down with Ted Lindquist, a retired teacher and enthusiastic trainer at PowerSchool, to pick his brains on PowerSchool’s newest event series: The Teacher Summit. With over 37 years of experience in public education, Ted is passionate about helping teachers improve teaching in practical ways backed by strategy and best practices. A must-read if […]

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November 28, 2017

LACUE Winter Conference

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January, 2017

Student Growth Assessments

Discover the purpose of student growth assessments, how they compare to computer adaptive tests, who makes SGAs, and how they tie to standards of learning.

December, 2016

Tips for Implementing a Standards-based Grading Model

As educators today focus on teaching students specific skills and concepts, more and more school districts are turning away from traditional grading systems in favor of a standards-based grading model. In standards-based grading systems, students are evaluated on their mastery of specific goals, skills or standards. This helps educators, parents and students alike to see more clearly where gaps in achievement are occurring and additional work needs to be done.

October, 2016

Fine Tuning Assessment and Grading

Now that we are into the second or third month of the school year it is a good time to fine tune what you do individually and collectively. Things are settling down and you are getting to know your new students and their parents and your new colleagues so it is appropriate to review how […]

Common Roadblocks to Standards-Based Grading
October, 2015

Four Common Roadblocks to Standards-Based Grading—and How to Overcome Them

Standards-based grading, a system of reporting student proficiency in relation to each specific learning goal, is catching on among schools. Here are four common roadblocks to standards-based grading in schools, along with advice for how school leaders can overcome them.

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