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Article Feb, 2018

5 Steps to Creating Truly Engaging Personalized Learning Environments

Keys to student engagement and personalized learning include giving students freedom, tapping into curiosity, not directing, establishing sense of belonging, and giving teachers agency.

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school board relationships
July, 2017

Taking a Business Approach to School Board Relationships

In “Managing the Nonprofit Organization,” Peter Drucker devotes a chapter to the relationship between senior management and the board of directors. He trades thoughts with Dr. David Allan Hubbard, who for 30 years was president of Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. Drucker’s conversation with Hubbard, while related to nonprofit organization boards, has many key […]

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February 20, 2018

The Superintendent’s Role in a Digital Transformation

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December, 2016

Family First, Always

I have often offered the advice of finding a balance and keeping one’s priorities straight to many upcoming leaders. For years now, I have been sharing my mantra, “Family first, always.”

How to Share Your District's ed tech story
April, 2016

How to Share Your Ed-Tech Success with a Wider Audience

If you don’t share your district’s story with the wider community, someone else will—and it might not be a flattering picture. So, how can you share your ed-tech successes and build support among parents, community members, the media, and others? Here’s some of the advice I shared about communicating externally with parents, community members, and the press.

superintendent board
February, 2016

Nine Ways to Reduce or Avoid Superintendent/Board Friction

James Capolupo has a decade of experience as a superintendent building strong relationships with school board members. He discusses how the relationship between the district’s leader and its school board can directly impact its students. He offers his advice on how to avoid pitfalls that can cause friction between superintendents and board members.

Ways Superintendents Can Build Strong School Board Relationships
February, 2016

Nine Ways Superintendents Can Build Strong School Board Relationships

A strong working relationship between a superintendent and the school board is vital to the success of a district, and James Capolupo offers suggestions for nine ways to pave the way to a good partnership.

January, 2016

Effective Budgeting and Financial Planning in the Era of Act 1

Frank T. Gallagher, Souderton Area School District superintendent, and William R. Stone Jr., the district’s director of business affairs, shared best practices for budgeting and financial planning in the era of Act 1. The situation forced district officials and administrators to reinvent their budgeting process. The district’s new process offers a roadmap to effectiveness for other districts.

Gratitude in Leadership
November, 2014

Gratitude in Leadership

When a leader shows gratitude, it helps create a positive atmosphere. The display of gratitude conveys the message that all is well and moving in a forward direction. The message also conveys confidence to employees that the forward direction is also a steady one.

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