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Article Jan, 2018

Top 3 Ways Streamlining Financial Processes Can Impact Your District Now

District business offices can avoid costly inefficiencies by providing personnel with one program or solution to manage a range of financial processes.

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January 18, 2018

Voice Charter’s Tech Manager Answers Plea for Better EdTech in the Classroom

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July, 2016

Reduce High School Suspensions, Save Communities Billions

The long-term costs of high school suspensions are too great — $35 billion annually. Earlier this summer, the UCLA Center for Civil Rights Remedies at UCLA’s Civil Rights Project released a report that quantifies the economic cost of suspending students. “The High Cost of Harsh Discipline and Its Disparate Impact” report expanded on the link […]

November, 2015

Reducing Chronic Absenteeism with Positive Behavior Reinforcement

Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Education launched an initiative to eliminate chronic absenteeism in U.S. schools. With a goal to take “immediate action to address and eliminate chronic absenteeism by at least 10 percent each year, beginning in the current school year,” schools are likely wondering what resources are available to help them […]

September, 2015

Positive Reinforcement Drives Student Achievement

Today, results were released of a year-long study that explores the impact of positive behavior supports in the classroom. After hearing so many anecdotal stories about the success of Learning Earnings in classrooms and schools, we partnered with Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) to formally measure how effective a positive reinforcement program could be in […]

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