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Article Apr, 2018

3 Superintendent Tips for a Balanced Budget

See three helpful tips to balance your district’s budget from David Bein, an Assistant Superintendent for Business in Illinois.

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March, 2018

Social Media and the School Community

Leyden Community High School District #212 (IL) superintendent Nick Polyak explores how 21st century K-12 district leaders can use new media tools to connect with and inform their stakeholders.

Technology in Special Education
August, 2017

Six Ways Technology Can Improve Special Education Outcomes

Every day, technology continues to improve the way educators manage student data, provide instruction, and streamline workflows throughout departments. Technology revolutionizes classrooms and learning styles, enables communication and collaboration, and improves efficiencies that lead to more valuable time spent with students. Since 2011, the number of U.S. special education students has grown steadily. Currently, 5.83 […]

Making of the Unified Classroom
July, 2017

From Geek to Fatherhood: Why Education and the Unified Classroom Are So Important to Me

by Hardeep Gulati, Chief Executive Officer, PowerSchool At this year’s ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, PowerSchool was proud to launch major updates to the Unified Classroom, a revolutionary education technology solution that epitomizes what this company has been built upon for the past 20 years: empowering teachers, driving student growth, and improving K-12 education. Growing up, […]

unified classroom
June, 2017

PowerSchool Unveils New Innovations in the Unified Classroom Designed to Transform K-12 Education

PowerSchool’s Unified Classroom Summer Release 2017 introduces a new classroom experience never seen before in K-12 education. Its student-centric technology connects the classroom and home in one unified solution — from improved data-driven instruction to a 360-degree view of students.

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April 22, 2018

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roi parent student engagement
May, 2017

Driving ROI & Increasing Student and Parent Engagement

Research found that a unified education technology platform delivers a compelling ROI through increased student and parent engagement.

February, 2017

A Superintendent’s Letter on Online Registration

Read Arlington Public Schools’s Superintendent’s letter highlighting the many benefits PowerSchool Registration has brought to their school community.

February, 2017

Improve Family Engagement with New Mobile-Ready Registration Features

PowerSchool Registration and the family portal is now 100% mobile-responsive with a brand-new UI that’s clean, easy-to-use, and makes the entire application, enrollment, and registration process easier for families.

December, 2016

Tips for Engaging Parents in Their Child’s Education

Parent involvement is a well-known strategy that can help boost student achievement, but a significant majority of teachers say fewer than 25 percent of parents are involved in their classroom, a new survey reveals.

November, 2016

A Parent’s Perspective on EdTech and Learning

Students will not enjoy the full benefits of what is taught in the classroom unless what they are taught is also reflected at home. Therefore, we thought it was essential to share an infographic shared by Learning Assembly about parents’ perspectives on the value of edtech.

October, 2016

Go Mobile to Connect With Parents!

Why It’s Important for Schools to Connect with Parents Where They Are, On Their Timeline It’s no secret that parents use smartphones. That’s pretty much a given in today’s always-connected, real-time society. At a moment’s notice – any moment – parents can be reached via a phone call, text or instant message, social media, email […]

October, 2016

Tips for Engaging Families in Lottery and School Choice

It’s no secret that when parents are involved, students succeed through improved class attendance, participation, learning, and grades. Simply put, engaged parents lead to engaged, successful students, so increasing family engagement within the school is at or near the top of every district’s list of goals. This begs the question, when is the best time to […]

how to get parents involved
September, 2016

How to Get Parents Involved

The start of the school year is the perfect time for district leaders to step up efforts to engage with parents and get them more involved in their children’s education from the very beginning. A successful and longterm partnership between school leaders, parents and other caregivers will directly affect the quality of each student’s educational experience, as well as their ability to meet their greatest potential.

July, 2016

Why Parent Engagement is Important to Student Success

In the 21st century, technology can help to drive parent engagement, and in turn, help students succeed and take more responsibility for their learning.

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