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Article Jan, 2018

Four ways edtech provides significant ROI

Education technology solutions often require significant upfront costs. In the long run, however, districts can benefit by achieving positive ROI from effective products.

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Technology in Special Education
August, 2017

Six Ways Technology Can Improve Special Education Outcomes

Every day, technology continues to improve the way educators manage student data, provide instruction, and streamline workflows throughout departments. Technology revolutionizes classrooms and learning styles, enables communication and collaboration, and improves efficiencies that lead to more valuable time spent with students. Since 2011, the number of U.S. special education students has grown steadily. Currently, 5.83 […]

Making of the Unified Classroom
July, 2017

From Geek to Fatherhood: Why Education and the Unified Classroom Are So Important to Me

by Hardeep Gulati, Chief Executive Officer, PowerSchool At this year’s ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, PowerSchool was proud to launch major updates to the Unified Classroom, a revolutionary education technology solution that epitomizes what this company has been built upon for the past 20 years: empowering teachers, driving student growth, and improving K-12 education. Growing up, […]

Getting Staff Buy-in SIS
June, 2017

How to Get Staff Buy-in on a New Student Information System

High staff buy-in for your new technology comes down to one often overlooked secret—getting staff personally invested. A change management committee is key.

change management team
May, 2017

How to Assemble a Change Management Team to Tackle a New Software Implementation

For a technology change to be received, accepted, and used by leadership, all stakeholders—teachers, staff, and students—need to have a seat at the decision-making table.

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January 23, 2018

Paperless Registration Boosts Family Engagement and Satisfaction

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April, 2017

Do You Need New Education Technology? A Peek Into the Four Biggest Change Drivers

What are the factors that influence the need for new technology? We’ll be exploring the four most common drivers that influence the need for new technology.

February, 2017

Organizing Security Protocols

If there is one thing that I can say about network and data security as it relates to school districts is that it is complicated. There are a lot of software products, hardware appliances, activities, and personnel involved. I have found that IT security personnel have always struggled with the process of organizing and documenting the security protocols that they carry out.

February, 2017

Top EdTech Trends to Watch This Year

Digital equity and transformational leadership are some of the key issues that edtech leaders will be focusing on in 2017, and at least one national expert believes we might see the beginning of “course choice” policies that could spur a significant growth in blended learning opportunities for K-12 schools.

January, 2017

A Small District Superintendent’s Guide to Technology Integration

Our goal is to help you change that by introducing more technology into the classroom and your overall district. Technological access raises scores and improves the ability for everyone, from teachers and administrators to district leaders, to do their job more effectively.

January, 2017

Dashboarding 101

The buzz around dashboards continues to grow, and, as I travel the US providing demonstrations, more and more educators are interested in learning what dashboards can do for them.

December, 2016

Family First, Always

I have often offered the advice of finding a balance and keeping one’s priorities straight to many upcoming leaders. For years now, I have been sharing my mantra, “Family first, always.”

December, 2016

CTO Roundup: Rethinking Edtech

This week we’re featuring five articles from around the web on one topic. Our topic this week is rethinking edtech.

December, 2016

5 Steps to Data-Driven Decision-Making

While many focus on the operational logistics required to keep our schools running, effective leaders are digging in on what happens in the classroom. And when you do so, you can quickly become overwhelmed by the amount of data available.

3 New Online Tools to Support EdTech Success
November, 2016

Three New Online Tools to Support EdTech Success

Are you prepared to support new EdTech initiatives in your school or district? Do you have a clear process in mind for choosing and evaluating new software and technologies to support your goals successfully? Are your digital learning resources fully accessible for all students?

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