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Article Feb, 2018

How Superintendents Can Set Benchmarks to Fuel Student Achievement

Which strategies should superintendents consider when setting education benchmarks in their districts to track progress toward student achievement?

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July, 2017

Educational Technology Leadership Today: Advocacy, Planning, Communication and Empowerment

Leadership in today’s 21st-century education technology departments is a fast-paced, continuously evolving enterprise. The effective education technology leader must be capable of leading others to support school district needs effectively.

dillingham city school district
July, 2017

Dillingham City School District realizes significant ROI with PowerSchool Special Education

For Dillingham City School District, real, quantifiable ROI was easy — and quick — to determine once implementing PowerSchool Special Education.

school finance communication
June, 2017

Are You Overlooking This Critical Aspect of School Finance?

It’s a given that school finance officers have to be good with numbers, but there is another, often overlooked aspect of school finance that is just as critical to success: The ability to communicate complex financial data to non-experts clearly and effectively.

district revenue
May, 2017

Maximizing Cost Savings Series: Operational Strategies

The challenges district leaders face to reduce costs and maximize revenue are ongoing. We’ll focus on exploring operational strategies that keep costs low.

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February 25, 2018

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district revenue
April, 2017

Maximizing Cost Savings Series: Financial Management Strategies

The challenges district leaders face to reduce costs and maximize revenue are ongoing. We’ll focus on exploring financial management strategies that keep costs low.

district revenue
March, 2017

Maximizing Cost Savings Series: Educational Strategies

The challenges district leaders face to reduce costs and maximize revenue are ongoing. We’ll focus on exploring educational strategies that keep costs low.

January, 2017

A Small District Superintendent’s Guide to Technology Integration

Our goal is to help you change that by introducing more technology into the classroom and your overall district. Technological access raises scores and improves the ability for everyone, from teachers and administrators to district leaders, to do their job more effectively.

January, 2017

5 Essential Effective Blended Learning Best Practices

Cool Cat Teacher Vicki Davis shares her insight into blended learning, the necessity of an LMS, and why her LMS of choice is PowerSchool Learning. Check out her tips and tricks for teachers as well.

November, 2016

Are your District Financials Telling the Full Story? How to Present Financials

It’s vital that not only your administrators and school board members understand your financial decision-making, but also that your community stakeholders take part in these conversations, as well. Think of the numbers as the conduit for sharing the larger story about your students, your faculty and staff, and your plans for improving student achievement.

October, 2016

Top Tips for First Term Teacher Report Card Comments

For many teachers, the end of the first term means a welcome conclusion to a first-quarter sprint filled with busy schedules, establishing processes of class collaboration and student dynamics, and preparing students for a successful school year. The end of the first term is a welcome break and a chance for teachers to reflect on […]

how to get parents involved
September, 2016

How to Get Parents Involved

The start of the school year is the perfect time for district leaders to step up efforts to engage with parents and get them more involved in their children’s education from the very beginning. A successful and longterm partnership between school leaders, parents and other caregivers will directly affect the quality of each student’s educational experience, as well as their ability to meet their greatest potential.

Lead Change
August, 2016

How to Lead Change Effectively in Schools

Introducing change of any kind makes people uncomfortable—and that’s especially true when the change involves technology use. Effective edtech leaders are able to convince staff to buy into the change by coaching, motivating, and inspiring them.

August, 2016

Accurate Student Information Before School Starts: Save Time, Money, and Hassle

Online enrollment cuts out the arduous task of manually inputting student information, ensuring that schools do not have to rely on teams of administrators and temps interpreting parent handwriting while typing information into the student information under deadline.

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