Superintendent Round-Up: Professional Development

August 19, 2016

Professional Development

Five post Superintendent round-up. This week we’re featuring five articles from around the web on one topic. Our topic this week is professional development.

  1. Technology Starts with Professional Development and Training
    In this article, districts give their perspective on how to integrate technology and coaching.
    Read the full article on Ed Tech.
  2. Professional learning communities bring benefits for teachers, students
    This article discusses the benefits of a professional learning community and bringing teachers together to learn from each other.
    Read the full article on Education DIVE.
  3. Professional Development Isn’t Just for Teachers
    This article focuses on the importance of district leaders participating in their own professional development.
    Read the full article on Ed Tech.
  4. Making Teacher Professional Development Decisions Based on Program Effectiveness
    Finding a balance between budget and effectiveness of Professional Development is often a challenge. This article highlights some considerations for finding the right fit for your district.
    Read the full article on Edweek Market Brief.
  5. Should Twitter Replace Professional Development?
    There’s been a lot of talk about how Twitter could be a new way to work on professional development. Here’s more information on the pros and cons of this.
    Read the full article on Sage Connection.

Professional development is a topic that will continue to dominate discussions as technology and student achievement are driving forces in the industry. What is your district doing to promote professional development for leaders and teachers? Want to learn more about the changes happening in professional development? Our recent blog post discusses the shift occurring in professional development.

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