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Shelby County
Case Study Oct, 2017

Shelby County Schools Saves Millions of Dollars Annually with PowerSchool Registration

Shelby County School District faced a student registration crisis with frustrated parents, inaccurate data, and wasted staff time. When they chose PowerSchool Registration, they saved “millions of dollars” annually, cut printer and paper costs with 120,000 student registrations, and improved data accuracy from below 20 percent to 90 percent

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SIS Customizations Ensure Accurate District Funding for Rhea School District
February, 2017

SIS Customizations Strongly Benefit Tennessee School District

Rhea School District in Tennessee improves state reporting, ensures accurate funding, and uses customizations to create reports tailored to their needs.

Oswego School District Saves Money, Enjoys Peace of Mind with New Student Information System (SIS)
December, 2016

SIS – Oswego School District

“We use PowerSchool every single day, and it’s having a positive impact on our district and the students we serve. We plan on being a PowerSchool customer for many years to come.” Allen says.

Washington Local Schools SIS
September, 2016

SIS – Washington Local Schools in Ohio

Ohio’s Washington Local Schools needed a new user-friendly, web-based SIS to address a long list of challenges. PowerSchool met those challenges, and gave the district more control over student data, updated state reporting, and improved parent engagement and student growth.

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Weslaco Texas District Pleased with eSchoolPLUS as Student Information Management Software
March, 2017

SIS – Weslaco Chooses eSchoolPLUS for Regulatory Support, End-User Experience

eSchoolPLUS manages and gives the district staff access to student information and to meet the constantly evolving regulatory requirements in Texas.

Port Arthur ISD Continues to Use eSchoolPLUS Student Information Management Software
March, 2017

SIS – Continued Partnership for the Changing Education Landscape

As Texas state regulations change and technology advances, Port Arthur ISD continues to work with PowerSchool on new ways to use eSchoolPLUS.

Antelope Valley USD drives student growth, parent engagement, & reporting with PowerSchool Student Information System
November, 2016

SIS & Reg – Antelope Valley Unified School District

With single sign-on and one central, easy-to-use student information system serving as its home for data storage and management, Antelope Valley UHSD is providing an ideal environment for students to learn and develop skills with advanced tools, helping set them up for success in a technological, information-based society.

Dumont Public School District Improves School Scheduling and Integrations
September, 2016

SIS – Dumont Public School District in New Jersey

Once New Jersey’s Dumont Public School District partnered with PowerSchool, new doors of technological advancement were opened to bring the district into the streamlined, digital age. 

Marion City School District Improves State Reporting & Parent Involvement
September, 2016

SIS – Marion City School District in Ohio

Ohio’s Marion City Schools is enjoying successful state reporting, seamless integration with third party software, and improved parent engagement with the help of the PowerSchool SIS.

Hatboro-Horsham School District
September, 2016

SIS – Hatboro-Horsham School District in Pennsylvania

When Pennsylvania’s Hatboro-Horsham School District switched to PowerSchool Student Information System (SIS), it received more than its initial goals of real-time student data and a parent portal for improved communication with families. The district has been thrilled to partner with a comprehensive solution that has transformed its entire system of business practices.

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