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Shelby County
Case Study Oct, 2017

Shelby County Schools Saves Millions of Dollars Annually with PowerSchool Registration

Shelby County School District faced a student registration crisis with frustrated parents, inaccurate data, and wasted staff time. When they chose PowerSchool Registration, they saved “millions of dollars” annually, cut printer and paper costs with 120,000 student registrations, and improved data accuracy from below 20 percent to 90 percent

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Oswego School District Saves Money, Enjoys Peace of Mind with New Student Information System (SIS)
December, 2016

SIS – Oswego School District

“We use PowerSchool every single day, and it’s having a positive impact on our district and the students we serve. We plan on being a PowerSchool customer for many years to come.” Allen says.

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November 28, 2017

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London District Catholic School Board
September, 2016

SIS – London District Catholic School Board in Ontario

PowerSchool has exceeded Ontario’s London District Catholic School Board’s expectations by offering a solution with education as its primary focus, while also delivering the best in usability, training options, hosting, and provincial reporting.

Fullerton USD drives parent engagement with PowerSchool App
September, 2016

SIS & Mobile – Fullerton USD in California

PowerSchool is helping California’s Fullerton School District — a national leader in technology and innovation — maintain transparency with its community, parents, students and staff by making data available in an easy-to-use format. PowerSchool also offers Fullerton superior performance with state reporting, integration, and responsiveness to the district’s needs.

Chawanakee USD
September, 2016

SIS – Chawanakee USD in California

What was once a challenge to manage student data within its difficult-to-navigate previous SIS has become easy now that Chawanakee Unified School District partnered with PowerSchool. The clean, easy-to-understand user interface has been a hit with both parents and students, and the ability and speed in managing data has improved the district’s performance.

Trillium Lakelands District School Board
September, 2016

SIS – Trillium Lakelands District School Board in Ontario

PowerSchool Student Information System (SIS) has saved Trillium Lakelands both time and money by providing an easily customizable solution that allowed the Board to make its own adjustments, rather than rely on – and pay extra for – the vendor to customize to meet its needs.

September, 2016

Assessment – Jane H. Bryan Elementary, VA

Only 30 percent of students passed the 2012 spring mathematics state assessment at Jane H. Bryan Elementary School (Bryan), located in Hampton, Virginia. In 2013, to provide high-quality, timely, and accurate formative assessment data to administrators and classroom teachers, Bryan began using PowerSchool Assessment. PowerSchool Assessment is a web-based instructional improvement system (IIS) that delivers […]

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