Student Data Security Starts with Secure, Online Registration

December 19, 2017

Fostering student safety within school districts is one of educators’ most important responsibilities. When it comes to students’ personal and school-related information, districts need to be vigilant to ensure accuracy.

In alignment with that objective, best practices are often implemented to guard against natural disasters, data security breaches, and incidences of campus violence.

But even the most experienced educators may not be fully cognizant of another potential thread to student safety: inaccurate data. It’s vital that schools have complete and up-to-date files on each student that includes information on allergies, medication tolerance, medical conditions, and emergency contacts.

Even the most seemingly inconsequential missing piece of data could have dire ramifications. If school medical personnel are not aware of a student’s allergy or medical information, improper treatment may be administered — or worse, no treatment at all may be provided when necessary.

It’s imperative to have the correct phone number, email, and physical address for each family. If the school needs to close early because of inclement weather or the campus is forced to go into a lockdown, the inability to quickly reach families can be problematic; if emergency contact information is not accurate and updated, schools may not be able to consult parents in a timely fashion.

It all starts with the way in which administrators collect and manage student data, which begins with the registration and enrollment process. Collecting paper forms and storing them in a file cabinet isn’t a secure process; to the contrary, it is a method that can potentially create liability issues. The commitment to safeguarding student data includes ensuring that unauthorized personnel are unable to access confidential student information.

Unfortunately, not all traditional manual registration processes are designed to optimize data accuracy and security. There are numerous potential trouble spots.

Replacing an archaic and unreliable paper-based method with an online student registration and enrollment and registration solution may help districts improve the accuracy of their data — and reduce headache for administrators and parents in the process.

Download the white paper “5 Ways Online Registration Improves Your School’s Student Safety Standards” to gain insight into the specific ways an online registration solution helps schools and districts. The white paper will focus on the following safety benefits:

  • Secure collection of medical history and medication information
  • Up-to-date contact information for every student
  • Strengthened data security
  • Elimination of administrative human error
  • Improved communication between families and districts

Access the white paper today, and discover whether an online registration and enrollment solution may be the right fit for your district.

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