Researching and reviewing K-12 enterprise resource planning systems

March 10, 2017

Are you starting to research K-12 enterprise resource planning systems (ERP)? It can seem like a daunting task when you start comparing products that are available. Financial/human resource/ERP systems can help your district get ahead when it comes to managing and interpreting data and strategic information. We’ve developed a cheat sheet for you to utilize throughout the research and review process so you can better understand what to be looking for in a K-12 financial and human resource system. Here is the infographic:


The process involved in purchasing a K-12 financial/human resource/ERP can be overwhelming, however these questions can help you analyze solutions so that you can align your district with the financial software provider that is the best fit. As you progress through the purchasing process, use this tool as a guide to discovering what is most important to your school district. With these questions in hand, you will be prepared to make an educated decision in selecting a software provider.

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We’ve also made the infographic available in a PDF for easy download.

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