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June 26, 2017

iste 2017

ISTE 2017 has begun and we’ve got all the latest exclusive updates, just for you. Whether you’ll be in San Antonio for the event or not, we’ll keep you up to date!

Keep reading to find out a few ways to catch us at ISTE.

Tour PowerSchool’s Classroom of the Future

Peek into the future with PowerSchool’s interactive classroom tour! Start by writing your vision on the board of what you hope classrooms will be like in the future. As you make your way through the class flow, you’ll get to create a digital biome activity for students, print your project using a 3D printer, and create a simple assessment to check your students’ progress towards mastery of the standards.

As you explore the future, you can also win cool prizes — all in Room 207A with PowerSchool’s Classroom of the Future, powered by partner technologies and PowerSchool’s #UnifiedClassroom.

For those who aren’t attending ISTE—we’re working on something special to bring PowerSchool’s Classroom of the Future to you within the next few weeks. Stayed tuned!

Special Panel: 5 Key Trends Transforming Teaching Today

District leaders, IT leaders, principals and teachers need practical knowledge and examples of how teaching is being transformed. Our panelists went over the five essential trends to transform teaching, along with valuable resources (see below):

  1. Identifying effective edtech (including teacher PD)
  2. Supporting the student-teacher relationship
  3. Incorporating adaptive, blended, and personalized learning,
  4. interoperability and data privacy issues,
  5. and the evolution of assessment.

Panelists Vicki Davis (aka “Cool Cat Teacher”), Scott McLeod (CASTLE Founder), and other industry thought leaders shared examples and resources to help educators navigate these changes.

Panel Resource List

1.Integration of EdTech in Teaching / Self-Directed Teacher PD
Panelists agree that a common mistake educators make is starting with the tool they want to use. Instead, they should start with what they want to teach.

2. Supporting the Teacher-Student (and Parent!) Relationship
Big takeaways:

3. Adaptive, Blended, and Personalized Learning

We need to have effective ways of communicating with parents and students. However, there are some caveats. While it should be easy to use, and we also have to be able to use it to meet reporting requirements, and respect parent wishes.

4. Interoperability and Data Privacy

One big problem that some teachers are having is that the technologies need to “talk” to each other. Just four years ago, my students had forty or fifty passwords and sites they used. Now, they use far less because the tools I use (PowerSchool LMS for example) are talking. Can we simplify all of these usernames? Can we get all this stuff to talk to each other?

The topic of discussion now are the two methods that we’ve identified for helping all of the data in the classroom be more seamless:

5. The Evolution of Assessment

Formative assessment, authentic assessment and performance-based assessment are part of most teachers’ instruction now.

Learn more about the session here.

Workshop: Learn a 10-Step Intervention Process That Works

Schools and teachers struggle to create intervention programs that show a positive impact on student performance. Here’s a peek behind what participants will learn in the workshop:

  • A 10-point system to reduce failures, drop-out rates, and eliminate the overidentification of students for special education services.
  • A shared understanding of the three-tiered model of interventions and the differences among the tiers.
  • Tips to use universal screeners to identify students that are struggling academically, socially, behaviorally or a combination of those struggles.
  • Guidance regarding how to assign interventions and organize school-based staff and resources to teach those interventions.
  • A tool designed to carefully track student progress during and intervention and record if the student met or did not meet their target or goal.

What:      Interactive Lecture with Dr. Sally I’Anson: “A 10-Step Process for Setting Up an Intervention Program That Works!”

When:     Wednesday 1-2pm CT

Where:    HBGCC Hemisfair Ballroom 3

Learn more about the session here!

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