Why It’s Important to Track Student Performance In One, Easy Dashboard

November 15, 2017

According to a recent Data Quality Campaign survey, a high percentage of parents rely on data about their child’s performance – such as grades and test scores – to make informed educational decisions for their child. They also want teachers to use this data to deliver personalized learning experiences.  

Today, school districts manage various inputs and sources for student and assessment data. Providing the right analytical tools shouldn’t be an impediment for schools. It should be empowering schools, teachers, principals, and curriculum directors, to make data-informed and student-driven decisions 

“95 percent of parents want their child’s teacher to use data related to their child’s progress in school, such as grades, attendance, and test scores, to help personalize his or her learning experience.” – Data Quality Campaign, “Parents Value, Trust, and Rely on Education Data”, August 2017 

Powering Student Success with Real-Time Assessment Data 

Today, we’re announcing the availability of PowerSchool Unified Insights™ to help staff quickly access student, school, and district data and analytics for better student success. This new solution brings together a school district’s disparate data sets and sources seamlessly into a single, software-based solution.  Districts can conveniently track, manage, and monitor all aspects of a its student, school, and administrative data and performance metrics.  

Assessment Dashboards is the first family of data sets available under the Unified Insights solution. Assessment Dashboards unifies a district’s assessment data across multiple sources – student information system, formative assessment, benchmark assessments, state summative assessments, and more – into a single, online reporting dashboard portal. With Assessment Dashboards, you can: 

  • Unify all your assessment data across multiple sources into a single, online reporting dashboard portal. Easily import data from state assessments, third party benchmark assessments and a variety of other sources with the flexible-data importer to create customized reports. Quickly access student, school, and district data and analytics to make student and school-level reporting, identification, and improvement initiatives easier than ever.  
  • Access reporting and analytics insights designed for you which provide convenient, instant access to the right data you need for your school, district, and students. Track overall school and district performance to simplify instructional decisions at the classroom, school, and district levels with our KPI dashboard, 360-degree view individual student dashboard, and more.  
  • Comparereports and insights across your district to get more insights into school and district performance with our new comparative reporting functionality, which will be available by the end of the year. Features include year-over-year, side-by-side, and local-to-state reports to gain better insights into strengths, areas of improvement, and new instructional strategies.  

Conclusion:  Deliver Student Instruction Based on the Right Data 

With PowerSchool Unified Insights, you and your staff will have the right data at their fingertips to make data-driven decisions about student instruction, performance and learning. Our first data set of Assessment Dashboards summarize all your assessment data into a central reporting portal that includes: 

  • KPI Dashboard: Get the complete picture of your district and school-level view of student performance. Your teachers, principals and other key staff can instantly view overall school and student performance – both those who need assistance or are excelling – to better determine program effectiveness and adapt academic programs, instruction, and resources on the fly to meet the academic needs of their students.  
  • Student Dashboard: Your school administrators and teachers have a one-stop shop for viewing current and longitudinal data of individual student performance.  For example, a math teacher can dive into each student’s individual performance – easily navigating amongst each student’s [scorecard/dashboard] to better understand individual math challenges and fine- tune his instructional techniques to meet each student’s specific learning style.   
  • Comparative Dashboard: Easily compare and view trends on the performance of different assessment types, student groups, programs, and schools. When your staff notices that one school’s reading program is outperforming for that grade level, you can evaluate the program and shift resources to duplicate the reading program’s success across other schools.   

Attend a webinar on December 13, 2017 to learn more about PowerSchool Unified Insights Assessment Dashboards for your school and district.

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