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Hardeep Gulati November 29, 2017

Regional School Unit #10’s story: Improved teacher time, instruction, and collaboration

By Hardeep Gulati, Chief Executive Officer, PowerSchool

As CEO of PowerSchool, I love hearing our customers’ individual stories of issues they may be dealing with and how they have overcome and thrived through innovative solutions. Our customers’ successes are what drive our team and inspire us on a daily basis.

I’d like to share one of those stories with you of a customer that successfully implemented PowerSchool Unified Classroom™ earlier this year. Maine’s Regional School Unit 10, located in a rural mill town. As a longtime PowerSchool Student Information System customer, they were happy with their student data management and parent engagement. However, other areas of the school’s operations weren’t as successful.

Some of the challenges they were facing were inhibiting student growth and teacher instructional abilities:

  • They had to use multiple logins for multiple programs
  • They had barriers to successful assessment, evaluation, and analysis of student performance
  • They needed one program that was intuitive to monitor student growth
  • There were limitations on instructional and learning time

With a mission to provide a quality education for all children, the district chose PowerSchool Unified Classroom to overcome its obstacles. I am happy to report that the district is seeing a resounding success, beginning with a seamless implementation. Reinette Chenard, Data Manager at RSU 10, said she was always given step-by-step instructions, and the continual communication of where they were in each phase of implementation was excellent. The team appreciated receiving instructional documents to share with teachers, parents, and students, and found the Quick-Reference documents for class pages and assessment were especially useful.

Regional School Unit 10 used a “train the trainers” approach, taking 14 teachers, Chenard, and a curriculum coordinator through the complete process.

“I can honestly say that with grading, we were up to speed within a few weeks and Class Pages and Assessments in just a few months. I have always felt that communication is key. Our Implementation Manager communicated well, and I never felt like I was ‘waiting.’ We always proceeded smoothly. Unified Classroom support has responded quickly and efficiently, and Live Assist has provided teachers a direct connection to support,” Chenard says.

Chenard also shared some great implementation tips for other districts considering a switch to the Unified Classroom, sharing with us that communication with teachers is key. She says that districts need to make sure that staff is fully aware that there will be a transition to new technology. If teachers have time to prepare ahead of time, implementation will be better received and successful. Chenard also says that making sure teachers have easy access to basic information on how to log in and seek support will make the transition more seamless for these stakeholders.

In the short time since it has implemented the Unified Classroom solution, RSU 10 is already seeing excellent results, including:

  • Single sign-in makes life easier and quicker for all administrators and teachers
  • Convenient ability to attach standards to assignments and track student progress based on those standards; teachers can now determine proficiency based on successful completion of standards by subject
  • Class pages enable teachers to provide parents/students with more detailed classroom information
  • Teachers can create an assessment, give the online test, and receive automatically-graded test results
  • Unified calendar provides parents and students with visibility to assignments and due dates

According to Chenard, the district is realizing a positive return on investment in several areas. Seamless integration for teachers and staff gives more time to focus on students and teaching, significantly enhanced communication with parents, easier access to student progress data, and less duplicated efforts for all stakeholders.

Stories like these are inspiring to me personally because it proves that we are doing something right. We built the Unified Classroom to eliminate technology silos and empower teachers to manage the entire instructional process more efficiently, but more importantly, we created it to power student success for a brighter future. Our vision is to improve the K-12 education experience through advanced software, and every time we see the impact that the Unified Classroom is making, it puts a smile on my face and makes me want to work even harder to do more.

Since launching the Unified Classroom earlier this year, over 100 schools and districts have already embraced the solution and are seeing results such as Regional School Unit 10’s. By combining the student information system, assessment, learning, and gradebook solutions into a single, comprehensive software solution, educators are able to focus on personalized instruction, allowing for greater insight and analysis to improve student success.

All of the districts using the Unified Classroom are bringing teachers, students, and parents into the classroom of the future. Unified Classroom functionality streamlines a myriad of formerly time-consuming activities in a single, seamless system. Collaborators in a child’s education can now track performance in real time. Parents can see what topics they can spend time on at home and teachers can identify the most effective practices to implement for their students.

The real magic of the Unified Classroom lies in what it makes possible — constant collaboration between all those who are invested in student success to be informed and engaged in a student’s educational journey. If a village raises a child, the Unified Classroom is the town square where all news, positive and challenging, can be shared and acted upon.

We believe that the open ecosystem of the Unified Classroom will continue to spark a passion for sharing innovative lesson plans, cutting-edge educational theories, and best parenting practices that will collectively push the global education system to the next level. Our beliefs are reinforced when we hear great stories from customers like Regional School Unit 10 that now have more time for teaching, can create and administer assessments easily, and provide parents and students with more actionable classroom information to improve learning.


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