Google Docs integration comes to PowerSchool Learning

April 18, 2011

Google Docs Integration

PowerSchool Learning (formerly Haiku Learning) is the only LMS to give you a means to search your Google Docs files and hand them in without leaving the LMS.

  • Google Docs Integration. Bring Google Docs into PowerSchool Learning where you might otherwise upload a file. Import Google Docs as attachments or as collaborative documents. What’s more, upload Microsoft Office files and convert them to Google Docs within PowerSchool Learning. See how it works >>
  • Improved Homework Annotator. It’s faster and better than ever! Easily scroll and zoom. To annotate, just swipe and type. Rotate and position elements to your heart’s delight. Teachers will love the improved interface and the quick annotation tool. Students will love that they don’t have to download a file to see what a teacher said. Let us show you >>

Imagine the Simplicity: A Scenario

Say a teacher assigned an essay in PowerSchool Learning. Here’s one way the homework is handled without leaving the browser:

The student reads the assignment and then creates a new Google Doc.

The student then searches for their Google Doc from the PowerSchool Learning Dropbox and hands the document in.

The teacher then opens it in Haiku’s Annotator to comment and grade, returning it to the student via the Dropbox.

The student is notified via email or SMS that they have a response from their teacher, they visit the Dropbox to read the response.

Notice what’s missing? Yes – downloading and uploading files. And in between no renaming and organizing files, remembering where they are, or running into previous or outdated versions.

The Google Doc Block and Google Doc Attachments are only available once your Administrator grants “Data Access” rights from your school/district’s Google Dashboard.

For more information on how to turn this feature on, read this article.

Well, what do you think?

If you use PowerSchool Learning then you know that our users drive our development. They tell us what they need, vote on ideas, and help us move in the direction most useful for education. They also tell us about the other tools they use in their classes and how they use them.

So let’s hear it: How do you plan to use the new features to enhance your virtual or blended classroom to engage your students?

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