Google Apps™ + PowerSchool Learning = Simplicity to the Infinite Power

January 18, 2015
If you’ve been waiting to try PowerSchool Learning, now is the perfect time—especially if you have a Google Apps™ account. Google Apps™ and our LMS now integrate.

Introducing PowerSchool Learning (formerly Haiku Learning) for Google Apps

PowerSchool Learning is about simplicity. Google is about simplicity. It’s a perfect pairing! By joining Google Apps Marketplace™ we’ve made it even easier for schools to add PowerSchool Learning to their tech toolkit. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Google Apps Marketplace
  2. Sign in to your district’s Google Apps account
  3. Add Haiku LMS/PowerSchool Learning for Google Apps
  4. Configure the app
  5. Tell your teachers that they now have the power and simplicity of PowerSchool Learning within Google Apps

For those of you who already use PowerSchool Learning, we’re working on enabling single sign-on for you, too, so that you have one less account to remember.

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