Discover the Top Ways that Unifying K-12 EdTech Benefits Students and Staff

April 27, 2018

Unify your SIS and Finance & HR Solutions with Spring Release 2018

School management can be complicated – and many school districts manage student and staff information separately. In K-12 education, this is often referred to as an “egg-crate” scenario. Teachers and departments operate separately, similar to how eggs are kept in a crate apart from each other.  Read 5 Ways a Suite Solution Can Help Your Entire K-12 District Thrive to learn more about this.

Not only do these disconnected programs make managing school operations tough, they also create security risks and IT headaches, with users juggling multiple accounts and passwords. A study shows that 69 percent of workers waste upward of 60 minutes a day “navigating between apps” (Source: Stop the Insanity, Ring Central).

And with staffing costs consuming 80-85 percent of most district budgets, it’s important to be efficient in personnel management. But to be more efficient in personnel budgeting, districts need accurate projections (Source: Condition of Education 2017 Report, May 2017).

Powering Unified School Operations
As part of our vision to offer you a unified suite of PowerSchool solutions, this Spring Release 2018, we’re announcing a new integration that unifies award-winning PowerSchool SIS with eFinancePLUS, part of the PowerSchool Finance/HR/ERP US offering.

Adding an integrated ERP solution to your SIS gives decision-makers the accurate, up-to-date information they need to budget (and handle tasks like accounting, purchasing, assets, payables, and inventory) — without special data exports or separate uploads. The real-time flow of information from application to application within a suite, like head counts from a registration program into the budgeting system, makes it all possible.

For example, before implementing a unified finance and HR offering with SIS software solution, West Des Moines Community Schools in Iowa couldn’t create a detailed line item budget until October, four months after the fiscal year began. Now that the district has the HR/business information it needs in one place, it has a detailed line item budget in place from day one.

This new integration between PowerSchool SIS and eFinancePLUS products provides the following benefits for administrators and teachers:

  • Unifies Technology for All Your K-12 Instructional and Administrative Needs:
    Managing your education applications is easier with unified technology. And allowing employees to manage their key employee tasks – such as benefits, pay, and sick and vacation days – saves time and improves operations.
  • Increases Data Integrity:
    Ensuring a single source of data saves time and improves peace of mind knowing that employee information that is put directly in eFinancePLUS is automatically saved in PowerSchool SIS, cutting back on errors. It also makes new employee onboarding faster.

Overall, the PowerSchool SIS and eFinancePLUS Spring Release 2018 integration makes it even easier for staff to flow between applications, onboard, and manage employee data directly. Now school district staff can spend less time juggling logins and more time on what matters – student performance.

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Attend our May 10th webinar, “Spring Release 2018: What’s new with eFinancePLUS” to learn more about this integration, as well as about how our partnership with PeopleAdmin, a provider of K-12 talent management solutions, and Cognos 11, can benefit your district.

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